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What to Do When Dates Get Boring

Updated on June 28, 2017

A long-term relationship is a beautiful thing. It is what most people are looking for in dating and romance. However, after a few years of going to dinner and movies, dating can get kind of boring. When there are no good movies out and you have been to every restaurant in town five times, it can be difficult to maintain the romance in your dating practices. You end up staying in rather than going on dates, and you can begin to go on fewer and fewer dates. This can be problematic because it is easy to feel bored with the relationship itself when you feel bored with your activities within the relationship, and that is one of the last things any couple wants to feel.

Creative Date Ideas

Coming up with creative date ideas can be a great way to combat this sort of boredom. This can be as simple as taking a road trip. Go an hour away for dinner rather than staying in town. Look up restaurants that serve your or your significant other’s favorite type of food, and go somewhere new. This can solve the feeling of being bored in your own town, and get you back into the swing of dinner dates that you have been missing. It can also give you some extra quality conversation time with your significant other on the car ride there, and/or some time to just be goofy singing and dancing to the radio.

If you are looking for something to spice up your dating scene a bit more than a new restaurant, there are other options to get you spending quality time with your significant other. Instead of going to a restaurant, make some portable dishes and go on a picnic at a local park or beach for dinner. After dinner, you can watch the sunset and go stargazing, or even go swimming if you are on a beach. Do something neither of you has done before. Trying new things together can add an extra thrill to you dates that you have been missing. Get exotic foods while you are out to dinner. If you are both city lovers, go into the country and go horseback riding, go hiking, or go four wheeling. If you are from the country, go into town and go out clubbing for a night. Look for local places to do activities together such as cooking classes, or making your own pottery.

Another good idea to make date night more exciting is to give each of you a chance to pick the date location and activity. Keep the person who did not choose what is going on blindfolded until you reach your destination, making the night a total surprise to them.

Doing these new and exciting things can be an easy way to combat a feeling of boredom in a relationship. Besides getting you back into the dating world like other couples, it can deliver a whole new realm of life experiences and stories, all of which you have now gone through together, and keep the fact that you have been together for so long exciting.


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