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5 Awkward situations with a girl

Updated on November 12, 2013

Would you tell her?

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The socially awkward penguin
The socially awkward penguin

1. Her pants are unzipped

So you are having a great time, chatting with your crush. You look into her eyes, and both of you smiled. The moment seemed perfect, but then in the corner of your eye, you notice something out of place. You look down and you behold, her jeans smiling widely at you. What would you do?

If it is YOUR pants that's unzipped
Pretend you don't notice it and zip it up when she's not looking. Sometimes, a girl would tell you this, but I wouldn't count on it. If she does, however, just try to laugh and don't take it too seriously.

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2. She farts

So both of you decided to get some coffee at Starbucks down the street. After taking your seats, you crack this little joke and she burst out laughing. Suddenly, you hear something that doesn't sound like a girl's laugh. You realize that the wind came out somewhere they aren't supposed to when one is laughing.

How would you react?

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3. She sits on your hand

You and your friends are hanging out at a friend's house. During the middle of a movie, your crush sat beside you in an attempt to flirt. Your hand laid face up beside you. As she sat, she felt something bumpy on the couch. You've never been so embarrassed in your life.


4. She accidentally hits your crotch

This is not as big a deal as when it's you who accidentally hits hers. Nevertheless, it's still embarrassing. So you walk beside her and then she turns around, her arms flailed and hits your crotch. Some unfortunate ones even get hit pretty hard that it would hurt.

5. First hug

If you are a shy guy, hugging won't probably be a very frequent experience for you. At the end of the day, you had a terrific time and you both think you knew a lot more about each other. As she say goodbye, she opens her arms and came closer to you. Before you realize it, you find yourself hesitating if you should respond. If so, how long? How tight would the hug be? And when is the last time you took a shower?


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