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When Online Dating Takes a Whole New Twist of a Felony

Updated on January 7, 2019
Author Cheryl profile image

Cheryl Whitsett is a health conscious dictionary. If I don't know something I will reasearch it until I find an answer

Don't Waste Your Life Sentence

Dramil Smith


An Online Dating Nightmare

We have heard horror stories of people dyeing from meeting people on Craig's list. Women being found dead. But a new scheme has developed from a group of young people right here in my home town of Jacksonville.

A man who met a woman on an online dating service was robbed and shot Sunday night in Orange Park, and now detectives in Clay County are asking for the community's help in identifying the three people involved in the crime.

Deputies said the woman, known only as Brittany, met the 43-year-old victim, Roger Waldman, at his tree service business on Industrial Loop North about 10 p.m.

Investigators said when Waldman later stepped outside his office to turn the security cameras on, two men approached him and one pulled a gun and demanded his wallet.

"When I went to grab my keys, I noticed two men were approaching me," Waldman said. "It kind of startled me. There's other guys I know around the shop. I thought it may have been a prank, but when they got up to me, I noticed they had guns."

Waldman told deputies he tried to grab the gun from the man and began wrestling with him. Deputies said the two men grabbed Waldman by his shirt and threw him to the ground, ripping his shirt. Waldman got up and ran around the side of the building, and one of the men shot him in the upper right part of his back, deputies said.

Waldman fell to the ground and the men began punching him in the head, deputies said. They said the men took Waldman's wallet and ran to silver four-door car, possibly a Nissan Sentra.

Waldman was able to drive himself to Orange Park Medical Center. He was released Monday.

What Has Happened to Morals

These young people will probably spend the rest of their life in prison or the biggest part of their adult lives. When their other friends will be going off to college, enjoying life, starting families and getting married.

What has happened to our young people in society. They are no better then the very people that caused 9/11. They have no morals, no values and no feelings for human life. This could have ended in a tragedy but thankfully the man survived.

On line dating for many has been a fun adventure. I met my husband on line and we have been happy together for four years. I can't say that my time of online dating was fun because there were many men out there that were less then any woman would want to be with.

So now we go from going on a date to being robbed and shot in the parking lot when the date ends.

Father Set Up To Be Robbed and Killed

What Has Happened to Our Youth

Too many young people are ending up in prison, serving long terms, for crimes they commit. Young people wonder why they are targeted and this is the very reason. Their parents will say my son would never do that or my daughter could never do a thing like that but they forgot about their children while smoking their crack pipe.

These children have no values, they are not taught right from wrong, they have no respect for authority or their parents and we are concerned about them not getting employment because they now have a record.

These three young people have been trouble all along. I doubt this is their first robbery attempt but the were caught. How many more people have suffered at the hands of these and the one on the lose that is probably being harbored by his mother or father.

These kids can not be rehabilitated as some would think. They grew up in the streets, didn't go to school because their parent could care less about them.

You must teach your children and make them respect people.

Life in Prison is This What They Want?

Should We Have to Pay For Them

Life in prison is costly. These kids that are getting life in prison will die in prison. Their parents will be seeing them through a glass window. If parents don't start taking the time to parent, there will be worse repercussions then a child going to jail.

This incident should have never happened. This man, wanting to only meet someone on line, could have ended up dead. If he would have died, they would possibly be getting the death penalty.

Prison is no place to spend your life but these kids need to pay what they did.

Body Builder Stabs Girl Until She Dies


Make Them Good Citizens

Parents it's time to wake up and get your children's lives in order. Teach them to be good citizens and to love people and love God. Do you want to spend your life visiting them in prison? If you don't then take them by the hand and guide them to adulthood.

They don't deserve to go to prison because they had no upbringing. Basic necessities include training.

Keep them close and love them and teach them.


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