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Where to take a girl on a date | Good First date Ideas

Updated on September 20, 2014

Where to go on a date answers

Your looking for a place to take a girl on a date? I decided to write up a follow up to my How to get a girlfriend blog Purely and simply to give you guys a deeper insight to what we want as women, and for you hopeless romantics to spark some ideas off in them “oh so simple minds” Please bear in mind I live in London so the ideas are relevant to me living in London.

As girls we all want to be taken on dates, to get to know you better, to show us that you want to spend time with us alone, to have fun, and most of all to prove that you don’t just want to get into our pants! Excuse the bluntness of that last statement.

The ideas I’m about to give are just that, “ideas” there not necessarily the right places to take us on a date, you have the valid information to work out where would be the best place for her as individual. There in no particular order, and just there to start you’re though process off on where to take a girl on a date.

Ill list them below, and the reasons why I personally feel there a good place for a first or second date, among other information. London has absolutely everything so remember to use your imagination the options are endless. These ideas below are just to give you a base guideline to good places to take a girl on a date.

1. Cinema Date

I have chosen the cinema as a good place for a date for many reasons, OK I realize it’s not original it’s maybe not the most thoughtful of places to suggest on where to take a girl on a date but there are good points to taking her to the cinema and also ways to make it more thoughtful. For example the week previously you heard her talking about the latest “Gerard butler” film or the latest Romantic Comedy if she isn't a wimp like me a horror what an excuse for her to hold you and for you to be a MAN. You remembered this because you used your listening skills that you learnt in my last hub of how to get a woman by a woman. This is going to impress her that you took note, and considered her feelings.

The cinema is also a great place for a first date, especially if you don’t already know the girl great; we all know how awkward silences can ruin dates! In the cinema it gives you both that couple of hours, together most importantly to use body language opposed to general chit chat, body language is just as important as verbal communication. It also time to get used to being in each other’s company and for her to see that you have a softer side! *Get her some pick and mix or some popcorn, maybe share ;o) so for sure the cinema is a good place for a first date!

2. Restaurant Date (Her favorite food of course)

My reasons behind choosing a restaurant as a good place to take a girl on a date are fairly simple and straight forward, again I’ll start with the fact you have listened. You used your listening skills and heard what her favorite food was and booked a table at an appropriate restaurant. It’s also a good way to show her you don’t dribble or chew with your mouth open.

In a restaurant you will have chance to talk, to flirt across the table with eye contact. Maybe the opportunity to wipe away a little bit of sauce from her mouth arises, If you know the girl is really out going why not “purposely” have a little sauce on your nose, laughter makes us comfortable, only do this if the girl isn't very high maintenance! Try to pick a restaurant with the right mood for your date, visit before you book, check the music, lighting and maybe even test the food all depending on the extents you want to go to, to impress her. *keep the conversation alive, look for points of discussion around the room if you’re stuck, or even discuss the food ask her how she feels about it. So number two there for a good date!

3. Somewhere related to her hobbies or interests Date

Again maybe the week before you heard her talking about the new theater screening, or a local ballet? Maybe she is into extreme sports (hope not) Listening guys, I’m going to keep referring to this as it’s so important for a woman to know that you listen, for her to know you care about what she thinks. I stress LISTEN to her and if you haven’t already read my how to get a woman guide READ IT!

There’s not much more I can write about this idea because you could be anywhere just take my pointers and use them accordingly and figure out a good place to take her on a date. *Show active interest in the hobby or interest; ask her questions so she can talk about something she is passionate about

4. A seaside resort Date

My personal favorite here, where’s a better place to take a girl on a date than the seaside! Make a day of it, or even a spontaneous late night date. There’s so much you can do at the seaside, maybe she likes animals well usually there’s some kind of seal sanctuary or something to that effect. The penny pushers are fun get her a few pounds worth of pennies and let her show you how amazing she is at getting them little teddies, talking of teddies the grab machines are a good way to show off for you boys, but be careful half of these are rigged nowadays! Watch before you try. There’s fairground rides so you can hold her hand through a ghost train, or you could give her the thrill of her life...and take her on a roller coaster, I know what you thought there you perverts!!

There’s just so much you can do at the seaside be sure to ask her what she wants to do but don’t keep asking, it’s nice when the man suggests things as well to top it all of what better way to finish your date other than a nice romantic stroll on the beach at night bare foot. *If it’s a little chilly offer your coat and now maybe a good time to hold her hand or depending on how it’s going a cheeky kiss* A great place for a date the seaside!

5. Window shopping and for lunch Date

Window shopping? Yes you heard right the majority of women love shopping, and window shopping is just as important to some of us less wealthy girls, It's also a good place to get good gift ideas, and to show her that in the future you will walk with her for hours and carry her bags, if there’s a shop you want to visit be sure to mention it as well. London is however the perfect place for this as it's great for shopping, if your from a small town and you don't drive jump on a bus together it's kind of cute. It does sound like a bad place to take a girl on a date, but we don’t tell her it is a date we simply ask “would you like to take a walk round some shops and maybe catch some lunch” it is really a date but not something we would suggest for an actual date. Top the day off with some lunch ask her where she would like to eat, if she is like me she will probably say “I’m really not hungry” So if she does head for something to drink! Another great idea for a date trust me she will love it!

Conclusion for where's the best place to take a girl on a date!

The same rules apply for all the dates be gentlemen, and listen to her, keep the conversation going and make her laugh! Remember guys these are purely ideas on a good place to take a girl on a date, if you feel you can add more ideas there’s a comment box below!!

If you like my information then please follow my hubs, comment and rate. I will be writing more hubs for you guys in the near future so keep an eye out. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

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    • SolveMyMaze profile image

      SolveMyMaze 3 years ago

      Excellent hub! This is something that every guy should really be reading so they don't mess up it! First dates are hard enough but with these factoids it'll help get over the nerves.

      I would always go down the restaurant route. Even if the meal is terrible, it's something that the two of you have been through together and can laugh about it.

    • JasminRace profile image

      Jasmin 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks Romeotang, hope you are well. Noticed your video's have stopped on Youtube, that's a shame you had a real talent! Im living in London now, Are you still in Canada?

    • profile image

      Romeotang 8 years ago

      I love this one... I think it's very interesting how you bring what you said in the previous article into the proceeding one. For example: How you stress the importance of listening...

      A lot of girls will notice this very important aspect that many of us guys tend to neglect with a girl. If you overhear her say she wants to go see Avatar to her friend and you take her... later that week... You're in for a treat.

      Looking forward to your next article JasminRace, Keep up the great work.