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How to get a girlfriend | Get a girl to like you

Updated on September 12, 2014

How to get a girlfriend

I decided to write this advice page after seeing a few posts from the guys trying to answer and explain how to get a girlfriend, and what it is that we want. So I thought id maybe try and give you guys an insight into how we work, what we want , some helpful tips and some definite no no's!

Firstly I would like to point out how times have changed rapidly, the world unfortunately is a different place guys, our needs have changed, and a lot of us have become more independent and much stronger. I hate to say it but I feel that women sometimes have the stronger approach and the upper hand when it comes to relationships, ok maybe not all the time but as I’m thinking about my past relationships and friends this is something I have observed.

Secondly you have to understand that we are all different you can’t generalise us, you can’t think what will work for one woman will work for the next, we all have different needs. So your first mission in trying to get that girl is to study her...and when I say study I don’t mean stalk her! Women detest desperation (YUK) in my opinion it’s the most unattractive, repulsive thing. So here we go lesson 1 guys....


LISTEN guys, this is a very important aspect. Listen to what she seems passionate about, her favourite music, hobbies, foods, and films. If you listen you are half way there. Your ears are more powerful than your manhood!

Also by listening to her you will be surprised at the impressive gift ideas you will get. Yes we LOVE gifts, no not all of us are shallow, so we don’t want you to go out and buy us a hot pink Ferrari (unless you want to in that case I will accept) a subtle gift for example you may have been using them listening skills I have just mentioned and heard us talk about the latest album from our favourite artist? Now not only will she see that you got her a gift, she will see that you listened to her needs! Use your brains for other ideas along these lines, it’s not rocket science. Ok one more example for you....just so you get it, you hear her tell someone how she loves Cantonese food? Well then there’s the perfect place to offer to take her on a date! Read my new hub Wheres the best place to take a girl on a date

A couple of good reads above, to help you progress with your knowledge of what we want after all Knowledge is power!


We like to be chased yes, but we also like to chase. This is a must read. Times have changed as I have mentioned previously, it’s no longer a world where the man does the chasing. We love a challenge so let it be known you like us, but don’t make us initially your everything. Give us doubt about how you feel but be careful this is also very tricky to master for a guy. Ok you have the girl’s number for example, you send a text or hell more than likely these days a facebook message (I HATE FACEBOOK) you sent the text she replies half an hour later you reply straight away? NOOOO you do not. Put your phone down guys no matter how excited you and your little friend are getting! Reply later on id suggest leaving it for at least 45 minutes. Please note if your already with this girl, or you have been on numerous dates then this doesn’t apply this is just for chasing purposes. Another good start with NO KISSES on messages. Trust me on this one. She will be racking her brains.


It amazes me at how bad you men can be at this? So unoriginal, cheesy, slimy and downright annoying at times. Your fit is not a compliment, you would get it is not a compliment, but please don’t get this mixed up with we want to be told that we are beautiful all the time because we don’t. Repeating yourself gets rather boring, we want a man to think about what he is saying. Maybe we have just had our hair done, compliment it? Our nails done, compliment them, maybe we are wearing a new top, compliment it. Be subtle don’t overdo it. Try to be original don’t say the same things over and over again. If you notice she has made an effort. Wow you look fantastic, that dress really compliments your figure, love your new hair really shapes that pretty face for a few examples. If you feel confident that she is slightly interested and your able to be a little cheeky and she feels comfortable with you and isn’t wary, that dress really shows of that booty ;) We like compliments and we like them even more at the right times, we don’t want to be told how amazing we are a hundred times daily. Just the odd time means more! Shows it’s genuine


Another tricky one, we want a man yes but we like a slight soppy side. We want to be able to talk to him about what we like as well, and for him to show a slight interest don’t go overboard on it though it’s nice to have a man in touch with his emotions but not a complete sap! Show your male dominance, not act like a pig but at the same time let us see that you have feelings, and that you do care about things other than the football...Not generalising men at all so apologies if you feel I am lol NAAAT If you can sit through a nice romance comedy without moaning and look interested this is enough.


I personally like a man that takes care of himself, he doesn’t have to wear a Versace suit or a £100 pair of jeans, as long as you look like you choose your outfit in the morning and don’t just grab at anything. Keep up to date with the latest hairstyles, there’s lots of information on the internet about choosing the right one for your height, weight and face shape this applies to the fashion part as well. Smell nice, choose the right fragrance for you and try to use deodorant and aftershave from the same line, it just helps accentuate the overall smell. Try to be well groomed, this I feel says a lot about a man, but don’t go overboard we don’t want a man that spends more time in the bathroom than us. Contrary to popular belief not everything is based on looks although that initial attraction has to have a physical element in there somewhere, but its amazing how a gorgeous man can become so ugly when he hasn't got the right personality and vica versa! Confidence we want a man to be confident not a quivering wreck, head high create a sense of power but don't be too self involved urgh!! Excercise keep fit aswell boys, theres nothing wrong with a little podge infact sometimes its rather cute, but try and stay fit it over all creates a more healthy look for you men!

Above are just some fragrances that i find truly irresistable grrrrrrrr meow!!! hehe


We love to be flirted with again the subtle approach, a glance and a cheeky wink or smile goes a long way in your quest. Don’t go overboard guys, a gentle touch of the hand, brushing a little bit of hair away from our eyes. Eye contact we love it to be looked at, not our boobs our eyes. DONT STARE though maybe you could play the old oops you caught me looking at you card. Be playful make us laugh, we love this...use your listening skills to try and work out what we will find funny again each girl is different and we each find different things funny! Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself either boys, just be natural with it.


This is a toughie, you have to be so careful here. We want you to care about us, we want you to defend us, to protect us and to be there but to an extent you have to be so careful that she doesn’t end up admiring you that much as a friend, she doesn’t want to lose that friendship by risking a relationship with you. So be there for us when we really need you!!


Ok if all is not going well, there are a few extreme measures you can take but USE these at your own risk and as an ultimately last resort!! I don’t even like to say these really but I have warned you, it could be a good end result or the absolute end of the game for you.

1.Flirt with her friend – this could make her wonder why you are flirting with her friend, and in result have her feel the need to get your attention back, We aren’t all like this so be warned but some girls are

2. Insult her – be careful how you insult her, don’t go overboard with it, this could have her racking her brains and want to succeed in making you be nice to her, or it could make her hate you

3. Blank her: act like she doesn’t exist again this could work in some cases, but it also could have negative results

Let me know what you think of this advice guys post your success stories or even your bad experiences, if you want to ask questions feel free, or of you feel I’ve missed some really important things let me know and I will add them in due course!

Happy chasing

x Jaz


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    • profile image


      3 years ago


    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 

      4 years ago from Somewhere in India

      Thank you for writing such an article, it certainly hels one who is trying to get a girlfriend. So touchy with personal feelings !

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I found that really helpful, I am chasing the woman of my dreams who I spent one semi innocent night of kissing and cuddling with her about 15 years ago. We are now 33 and I know she is who want and I think she knows that too as I have been fairly blunt about it yet emphasised that I value our friendship lots. She has given me hints with very raunchy connotations- this has all been via emails may I add, I made a committment since i started writing to her to use my brain and intuition and not to stuff it up. Quietly I pine for her but I am just hoping that I have done enough for her to actually come to me, or call me up atleast. It is a long shot perhaps but yep I suppose time will tell as I have some idea of what I am doing. Truth is if she isn't all that interested or if someone else snaps her up, there isn't a lot I could do anyway. It is true though if a girl teases and says she wants to see you then you hit her up for it in a manly yet fun and gentle and unpressurised way, sure with a hint of sexual (yet not explicit) intensity, she should take her turn and call me like I asked, or give me her number like I asked. Last she said was she will talk to me soon but it is always me who initiates communication. My point is that still I feel there is some female neurosis present and there really isn't much more I can do. But I will try again, one day. To me though it makes sense that she will contact me but as i said, maybe she doesnt even know what she wants or that she is actually having a mindblowing effect on my little horny mind. Your advice helped. I think it is very right, going by experience.

    • BronsonTech profile image


      8 years ago from Connecticut

      I have for a while thought that the differences between men and women have changed since the last hundred years. But your hub has only added to the notion that women make no sense.

      You want us to be strong yet sensitive.

      You want us to chase you but not "stalk" you.

      You want us to observe and seem interested in the "little things" but could care less if a "small thing" to women could be a huge deal to a guy.

      I am kinda glad I'm single because if I put that much effort into anything else, I'd be rich. Then I wouldn't have to "look" for a girlfriend, instead you'd be throwing yourself at me to have a posh life.

      Anyways thanks for the advice.

    • profile image

      American Tiger 

      8 years ago

      Hello Jaz,

      I loved your hub here, sweetie. You're obviously a very observant young woman, and a man can never know too many of those. We might need to work on some spelling issues and sentence structures, but the advice you gave validates much of what I've been counseling, for years. Keep it up.

      Wishing you all the best,


    • JasminRace profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Sorry about the delay of my reply, please feel free if you would like some more personal advice to email me in private,! Thank you for your kind comments its appreciated

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      well what if all of that stuff seems to be working but, she hasnt wanted to go out at all? I work with her. we talk often but, it always seems to be short conversations with no point, I dont realy have the time to get realy into a deep conversation. We went out a month ago and it ended with me in her parking lot telling me " Im realy sorry but, my x is coming over. I dont want him to but,hes in trouble and I cant turn my back on a friend. Im not sure how I feel about him. Im not sure how I feel about you."

      But only now Im startin to think were on the brink. She practicly seeing me as a friend.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      great article! do u hve anymore advice?

    • iHotHubs profile image


      8 years ago

      Great hub...keep up the good work...!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey JasminRace! I'm so happy I found this article, there's very helpful information here... This is by far the best...Seriously...

      Furthermore... I like how you posted at the end, Last resort things that guys could do if what you previously said doesn't work (Which I highly doubt because you made some very good points)


    • steverace1983 profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey sis well wrote!

    • JasminRace profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Aww thank you i really enjoyed reading yours also! If you have any advice on how i can improve and such like i would love to hear it.

    • Coolmon2009 profile image


      8 years ago from Texas, USA

      enjoyed reading your hub


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