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Why Being A Woman Is Cool

Updated on January 11, 2011

I have decided to write a two part article series on: Why Being A Woman Is Cool, and Why Being A Man Is Cool. We've both got things to be proud of! Both sexes have their own unique advantages of being the sex that we are. These, in my opinion, are the advantages of being a woman.

Why Being A Woman Is Cool

1. Whats My Super Power? I can create a human.

Anyone with a penis sadly just can't do this. Maybe one day, who knows. Science is advancing pretty rapidly. However, at this point in time-- the coolest thing about being a woman, is the fact that we can literally create life with our ovaries. Don't try to tell me you need a man for this, either. We've always got the option of going to a sperm bank if need be.

2. Seduction Tactics

"I'm sorry officer, was I speeding". That's a great one right there. If a man tries that one, 9 times out of 10 hes totally getting a ticket. He shouldn't even attempt to start crying, only woman have this power of men. No grown man wants to see a woman cry. Another cool thing about being a woman.

3. Its called ladies night for a reason

Only woman have "ladies night". It may be formulated for all of the wrong reasons, but ladies night means discounted drinks, and other perks. Do men have that? Nope. Only us woman are cool enough to have a night solely devoted to us. What a great advantage of being a woman.

4. Acne-Shmacne, I come equip with Concealer.

When we wake up in the morning with a pimple, it still sucks. However, we can concealer that little mother effer. Can men? I guess they could. But a man with full face make up is either: an actor, or a transsexual. None the less, woman can get away with this one.

5. No need to question our masculinity

We're free to hug, kiss, and hold our female friends without our "masculinity" being involved. A girl embracing her best friend doesn't have to be worried about being called "gay". This one bothers me a lot, I think men should hug their friends more often. Hugs are good for you, after all. Still though, no masculinity issue. If we can't change a tire, it doesn't make us look like any less of a "man".

6. Womans Bodies Look Nicer

Why is the porn industry booming? I can tell you why-- naked woman. We just look better. There is a lot more beauty involved in the way we're made, then the way the male body is. We're curvy, and soft. Our bodies are a work of art.

7. We don't have to worry about being kicked in the "Family Jewels"

We've got no junk hanging between our legs. Bring it on pal, kick me! No need to worry about the excruciating pain associated with being kicked in the balls. However half the time, we couldn't give you a reason to kick us in the balls either.

8. If we say something stupid, we're "cute", not dumb.

How many beautiful woman are idiots? Let me rephrase that to sound politically correct "How many beautiful people are idiots?". However, a woman can often get by on this. The majority of the time when a woman comes off as dumb, shes just "cute". That doesn't work for men.

9. Damsel in Distress

"I'm just so weak and feeble I need a big man to do manly things for me", yeah-- one of the greatest things about being a woman! We don't have to worry about: carrying heavy things, changing tires, doing "yucky" things or get things off the top of the shelf.

10. No 5 o clock shadow

We may have to worry about shaving our legs, and other stuff-- but not our face! No scruffy facial hair. No waking up with a face full of sandpaper. Your body can always be hidden, but your face is hard to hide!

Why Being A Woman Is Cool. Now trust me, this may seem like a pro-woman article & I suppose in a way it is. But come on, there are so many advantages of being a woman! However, there are quite a few benefits of being a man as well. We're blessed to have amazing abilities, in both sexes. Embrace your womanly power, Being A Woman Is Cool!


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    • profile image

      .... 5 years ago

      I hate being a male... Being a female seems more fun and more cooler

    • profile image

      al 6 years ago

      You are so cute to say this "Don't try to tell me you need a man for this, either. We've always got the option of going to a sperm bank if need be" ( where you get this sperm from? Cow? Dog? ) yet.......

    • nora.elizabeth profile image

      nora.elizabeth 7 years ago

      You are the coolest person I follow. Lol, I know it sounds stupid but I can just read your hubs and completely laugh and love them. You are a great writer with a great sense of humor and honesty.

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Hi! Girl this is and awesome article, Just loved it. I know being a woman is cool. Yes we do have the power.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 7 years ago

      I suddenly have developed a whole new form of love for you LSpel.

      This is an awesome hub. :P

      Vote up! :P

    • eculligan profile image

      eculligan 7 years ago

      It seems as if you got it right for us men. Its a tough life, but perhaps that's why we are tough. I am lucky that I don't have much hair to maintenance and can skip a day of shaving if needed. When I was in basic training the Drill Sergeant made me shave the peach fuzz off my face. Its all his fault I have to shave now. I enjoy reading your hubs. Thanks!