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Why Don't Young People Get Married These Days?

Updated on November 12, 2013

Look back in time a few decades ago to daytime television and you’ll see The Newly Wed Game where young couples answered questions to see how much they knew about their spouse. They’d look lovingly into each other’s eyes, holding hands and getting all giggly while reminiscing about their honeymoon.

Now fast forward to today and you’ll see low class people beating each other up on stage, cursing and yelling ghetto English at each other while trying to figure out who fathered their baby. I can’t even figure out what they are trying to say much less understand why they don’t know who fathered their child.

What has happened to America?

Divorce has ruined marriage

We’ve made it too easy for people to get out of marriage. Working at a relationship is no longer important. We live in a throw away society. If you aren’t happy you simply find a lawyer and they are a plentiful bunch, just look at any yellow page book and you’ll see page after page of attorneys just waiting to help you split the sheets.

Women no longer have to put up with infidelity, abuse or neglect, which is wonderful but we’ve also made it too easy not to try. You don’t have to reconcile or rekindle the flame you simply sign your name and separate.

Divorce has made boys out of men

I’m going to step on some toes here but often times the truth hurts.

Look around you at the young men today. Most look like oversized little boys that never grew up in their short pants, athletic shoes and ball caps. They want to spend their lives playing video games instead of growing up and becoming men. And you know why? Because most didn’t have a father figure in their lives to show them how to be men.

Mom and dad divorced, mom got the house and the kids and dad left. Oh some try to visit in the beginning but between the arguments, jealousy and guilt many soon give up. Why bother?

Children from broken homes

Many of the young people today in their 20’s and 30’s are from these broken homes and they are wondering why marry in the first place if you end in divorce?

Babies born out of wedlock are no longer called bastards. We’ve made it easy for unwed mothers to raise children without a father so they don’t have to worry about getting married. Forty seven percent of children born today are born out of wedlock. That is sad.

When asked many of these young women will tell you their child’s father is out of work, many still live with their parents and not ready for responsibility. And so the cycle begins.

What’s in it for young men?

In the old days decent people didn’t have sex out of wedlock. Well they did but it was kept under wraps and if she got pregnant they got married because her daddy made sure the young man made a respectable woman out of her.

The young men of today sees what happened to the older guys, some have even warned them of the evils of women and marriage.

Their fathers lost their house, kids and most of their assets so why would they want that? Many remember their dads leaving the house to live in a small apartment while mom got the nice house in the suburbs. Dad is still working to pay for a house he can’t even live in anymore.

Young men don’t want to work the rest of their life just to give some woman he doesn’t like a house and car.

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.” Rod Stewart

The court system has ruined marriage for the younger generation. They make divorce too easy and given too much to women.

Alimony is no longer necessary

Most women work or at least are able bodied and could work. There is no need for alimony in most cases. It’s an old fashioned throw back from when women stayed home and didn’t have a career. If less women got alimony they’d try harder to keep their marriage together.

More women file for divorce than men. Do you know why? Women usually gain much more than men in divorce court, they get the kids, the house and most of the money. Let things get a bit difficult and women start looking for a lawyer. Why would men want to marry women knowing these odds?

We need to encourage our kids to be responsible adults

We’ve made it too easy for our children and haven’t expected them to grow up and be adults.

I’ve seen families that allowed the daughter’s boyfriend to move in with her unmarried and then of course not long afterward along comes a baby.

I also know many grandparents raising grandchildren because their daughter never married and then finds a new boyfriend who doesn't want her kids. Or their daughter never grew up and became a responsible adult and of course she doesn't know who the father of her children are...

Marriage counseling

We need to make it harder for people to get divorced. There needs to be more of an emphasis on working things out and keeping families together.

I realize many people feel that marriage is outdated but when children are involved they need to be raised by their father and mother together and not be shuffled back and forth.

Sons need a father to teach them how to be men and if they aren’t in the home how are they going to teach them responsibility for their own children? It’s a vicious cycle that has driven the American family out of control. Our daytime television is proof of this. I don’t even turn mine on during the day.

Sperm banks

I’m going to step on a few more toes and say that this is a terrible idea. No, I’m not a religious zealot but a child needs a father not a sperm donor. Too many children are growing up without a dad and this is the result: young men who don’t have a clue how to be men.

I realize there are couples who can’t have children and I don’t have a problem with them using a donor but women raising children alone is a terrible idea. Too many are growing up in poverty due to the mother not being able to support them.


We need some serious changes in this country but I don't know the answers. It's a shame that we've let our families turn out this way in the first place.


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