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Why Love is Important

Updated on October 1, 2012

What is Love

Love is perhaps one of the most fascinating words in the world and also offers many meanings. Love can be defined with plain and simple words at times and it can be intricate and complicated. Many songs and poems are associated with love, and these masterpieces truly give joy and happiness to people from all walks of life. But no matter what, love can either be superficial or genuine. The latter is better, since genuine love is unceasing, forgiving and giving. On the point of view of Christians love is enduring and it will never fail. Moreover, love is constant and will not waver, even amid tremendous challenges and odds. It also enables people to be understanding. But as the saying goes, “Love is blind,” this is like a double edged dagger, although it work in some cases this also fails. Keep in mind that when the faculties of senses are overwhelmed with bad motives, fake love may subside. And when unauthentic love reigns expect hatred, danger, problems and worst, death may come into play.

"No cord or cable can draw so forcibly, or bind so fast, as love can do with a single thread." - Robert Burton
"No cord or cable can draw so forcibly, or bind so fast, as love can do with a single thread." - Robert Burton

To love, one must be psychologically mature...

Love is said to be in full blossomed, when mutual love is felt. Mutual love ensures fidelity, trust, help and support and harmonious cohabitation. Yes love makes the house a home, a place where everyone can live with bliss and joy.

To give a tender loving care (TLC, hehehe), one must be psychologically mature, this implies that one must be rational and have a mind that tends to act normally under any circumstances. If not violence will erupt sooner or later, or a relationship will just end in futility. Failure to give constant love at all times will just end any relationships. And healthy people tend to love even further, as they steer clear from cravings to vices and infidelity, since their faculties of thinking is stable and sound.

Parting words...

Love is evident in people who fear their Creator. Lastly, love can also be seen in people who practice responsible parenthood. These people don’t stop in providing their respective family with their needs and wants and help each other to be physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

I hope this write-up helps in a way though for it contains the value of love.... Have a nice day everybody!


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