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Love And Marriage, Fun Statistics

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Big Question

Love Whats That Got To Do With It?

It is estimated that around 25 percent of all marriages are convenience marriages and love has nothing to do with the final decision, some may marry old fashioned shotgun style because of a little accident caused by a split condom or because birth control was the last thing on the couples minds in the heat of the moment.

Others may marry for the purpose of becoming a citizen of a new country and divorce a few years down the line to pursue a real relationship when their status as a citizen has been confirmed.

Couples often marry because of pressure from their respective parents, because of a business decision which will merge the families together as well as their respective businesses.

Some celebrity couples get hitched for publicity reasons and to make money from magazine deals, getting married to them means that they are in the public eye and it gets them more work in the "BIZ". When that work then starts to dry up the public divorce ensures that they are still in the public eye.

Marriages of convenience rarely last a lifetime without love in the relationship, the relationship breaks down and for those especially in the entertainment industry, often get caught having extramarital affairs which lead to divorce.

Dinner For Two

A Shocking Statistic

I read a story recently where a man proposed marriage to 100 women aged between 25 and 35 and a woman did the same with men of the same age.

They both used a dating agency and picked the men and women at random they went on a dinner date and chatted with their dates for around an hour and at the end of the meal they asked their dates "Will you marry me?"

Astonishingly 17 out of the 100 ladies said yes and even more astonishingly 22 of the males said yes too.

There were different reasons for the ladies saying yes compared to the men.

The ladies most popular answer when questioned was that they felt an instant affinity and attraction with the gentleman, and that they felt that he had shown a lot of honesty love and commitment.

The most popular reason that the men gave when being interviewed afterwards was that by saying yes they had a better chance of getting laid that night after the date.

5 of the men though said that they fell in love as soon as they set eyes on their date and thought that they had met their life partner.

Marrying Money

Marry For the Love of Money

You often find stories in the tabloid news papers about the 17 year old girl who marries the 65 year old oil magnate, or the 17 year old boy marrying the 65 years old fashion designer.

These are often called one foot in the grave marriages, The age of the bride or groom millionaire/ess is so much higher than their young partner that they will die long before them leaving them with their worldly wealth.

One foot in the grave, the other teetering over the edge.

The younger spouse is often caught out in these relationships because they often have affairs with people their own ages and because of the older spouses family's intervention.

The sorry sad fact is that a lot of the younger spouses get so addicted to the lifestyle that when their other half dies it isn't long before they go after their next victim.


Marriages of conveniance more often end in divorce, and long drawn out court cases as the ex couples fight over who gets what, from the house to the ringpull off the last can of beer they opened together.

Of course even love matches go wrong for many different reasons but at least there was happiness and love at some point between the couple.



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