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Top tips to plan your perfect wedding day!

Updated on June 28, 2011

Top tips for a perfect wedding

When you are counting down to your big day, it is quite common to be nervous and feel like you simply don’t have enough time to do all that you want to. A wedding is the biggest day of your life and besides looking drop dead gorgeous it is natural to want to be a part of every little detail. However, this is not an advisable thing to do. For your perfect wedding to be a reality you will need to find people you can trust for the important tasks. Here is how you can make that big day a memorable one.

Find a good wedding planner: Weddings are a lot of work. You cannot expect to be completely calm when you have a million calls to attend about the flowers not being available, cake being late, guests having their name cards right and décor looking right. It pays to choose an experienced wedding planner to execute your perfect wedding.

Decide on your inner circle: Make sure you pick out your bridesmaids and talk to the people who have to be there around you for your wedding. Today weddings are about the bride and groom and are often an extension of their lifestyle and interests. When you pick out the right people well in advance you can talk to them about what you want and make sure that they can block their dates for the big day. Your perfect wedding need not be exhausting, if you plan it well.

Fittings are important: When you have chosen the perfect gown and the colors you want for yourself and your troupe, spend some time discussing it with them so you know no one feels like a second shoe. A wedding is a celebration filled with love and joy, it is important to make sure that everyone who is part of your wedding feels special, but you may not be able to please everyone. Take time out to go for fittings and spa sessions with your bridesmaids so you know very well what will work best for everyone. Don’t get your dress fittings done too early, diets may go wrong and sometimes a few extra pounds may ruin your Vera Wang wedding dress.

Discuss who will officiate: When you plan a wedding, often as much as you want it to be all about you, it is also about the families involved. Especially if you are marrying someone from a different religion, this becomes even more important. It’s not reason to break your head but it can put a dent on your happy day. Make sure you discuss with both families and if you cannot choose a particular religious style to go with, talk about having a neutral wedding where everyone can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. It is as much your day as theirs so don’t hesitate to discuss things and know what is to be done. Pick an officiating priest/rabbi or you can even get someone close to both of you to get a special license to perform the wedding for you.

Décor and themes: Leaving most of this to your wedding planner is a great idea. But you will always have your dream colors and décor in mind. Make sure you make it clear that you want something done a certain way. This will ensure that your style and your preferences reflect clearly in your bid day. Make sure you get enough rest and shut eye and you will be the glowing bride and the one who shines the brightest. Your perfect wedding will be real with a little work and a little love.


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