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Words for my friend

Updated on December 11, 2014

Your heart is broken my friend

But fear not.

She left without goodbye

But loves you still.

Women are so different,

don't you know.

She couldn't move on

and still be talking to you.

You are still on her mind,

you are still in her heart.

But unlike you she couldn't,

she can't, have you in the forefront.

It wasn't meant to be,

at least not now.

She knows your heart is hers.

It's a fact she holds dear.

She had to move on,

you can't blame her.

And though you want so badly

To be reassured of her love.

You know more than anything

you want her to be happy.

But her love is there,

it's not gone my friend.

I've heard the joy in your voice

when you speak of her.

Don't fear, like you she knows,

it was a once in a lifetime love.


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    • headshrinker profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Western Massachusetts

      Glad this connected with you. My buddy thankfully has continued to live his life he just 'knows' that happiness-wise he would be on another level with his lost love. Personally I believe we all have more than one person we could be happy with but their truly is one 'special' person for each of us. Not everyone finds that person, glad you found yours! I think to be aware you found that person and then to lose them for whatever reason is a pretty profound pain.

    • maramerce profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I understand this. My heart will always be a little bit sad and a little bit broken by a love that I lost almost a decade ago. It's been very hard to let go fully and to move on. I went through a dark time of depression as well. But your experiences make you who you are. I've become a different person as a result of that loss, and I'd have to say it's all been for the best. I look back at that man and though I loved him more than my own life I can see that we were not meant to be and that God had other plans for my future. Having recently found someone in the last six months who feels absolutely like the one to me, I've been able to compare and contrast the feelings and the experiences to understand it all more fully now. It takes a lot of courage to open yourself up to love again after loss, but it's completely worth it if you do. When the right guy comes along you appreciate him all the more because of what you've been through. He's so good to me and naturally makes me happy. There were a lot of tears with the guy I lost and only a handful of happy moments though they were magnetic and powerful. But with this current love there has only been lots of smiles, happiness, and joy. I'm very grateful that he loves me so much and understands how I feel all the time without my actually having to go out of my way to explain it. If I had a choice between then and now. As much as I was in love back then, I would still choose now.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      6 years ago from TEXAS

      That is too bad for your friend. Life, by definition, is dynamic, moving and changing. To have it fully means being able to embrace it fully, both what we want and what we don't prefer. It all has its reasons, though in the midst of their happening, the reasons may escape our notice.

      You're right that the lady, his soulmate, may be unable for unknown (to him) reasons to respond, but if she is his soulmate, of course, she will keep him in her heart, always. And the future is always possible. If, by some fluke, she really wasn't, he is better off, probably.

    • headshrinker profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Western Massachusetts

      Thanks so much! This is inspired by my dearest friend who aches terribly just to have an acknowledgement from the woman he considers a soulmate. I try to tell him we all cope in our own way and she may not be able to do anything but tuck it away in a corner of her heart but it does little to assuage his desire to know for sure he lives in her heart.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      6 years ago from TEXAS

      Poignant, sad, but such a sweet poem!

      Glad you're writing again! Don't give it up. You do have insight.

      Voted up and beautiful!


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