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Yeah Yeah I'm a Girl, I have Boy Problems

Updated on August 1, 2009

Jk, he's not the boy problem!

So, I have a pretty busy life. I mean, my schedule for this coming school year is all crazy because of going to a different school the beginning of this past year. I take vocal lessons which I have to practice for every day. Right now, I work 2 days a week, although it's only for the summer. There's a possibility of me joining my church's youth band... which takes up A LOT of time...

I just got a lot goin' on, ya know? So anyway, I have this neighbor, who we'll call George (not his real name). So... I like George a lot. And George likes me... a lot. And sometimes I just want to melt into his eyes and ask him to be mine, cause he's just so darn cute and everything a girl my age can't find.

But then when I think about it... Do I have time? I don't want to mess up my friendship that I already have with him. He understands and that makes it easier but it still confuses me. I guess I'm a little afraid that if I don't take the opportunity now to go out with him, I won't have it later. But then again, if he really likes me that much, he'll probably still be here. Honestly, he probably will. That kid is like head over heels for me. <3

I'm hoping that if I just wait to see how the first few months of school go that if I think I can handle it, I can make it work. I think George might be worth the wait.

                    - erin


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    • angelicwarriors profile image

      John Chartier 8 years ago from EHT New Jersey

      dear damescribe,

      thank you what you said helps me to stick to my word of waiting. it's hard at times for me to keep doing what i know is right. i keep trying, though. :)


    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      I quite agree on the waiting. Friendships can last so much longer and is considered the 1st step for any sort of relationship. :) good decision.