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An Affirmation to be more friendly

Updated on September 30, 2013

According to the best selling book "Success in life consists of passing a series of popularity contests..."

Well its about being friendlier and making an affirmation in this case to fellow Huber's and the World in general that I'm going to make a public commitment to be friendlier in future in all my dealings with the human race. I ask you all to share this vision and commitment with me.

As we go through life many of us contemplate what the ingredients are or what formulae do you need to be a success. Over the years I have read various self help book including Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins and many others but recently I came across a book called The Like-ability Factor by Tim Sanders and it has really struck a chord with me. Don't get me wrong there are other factors which contribute to success. The Likability-Factor argues that this is the Principle number one factor in making a success in one's life. Knowledge, money, good looks, that sort of thing is important too.

Usually we hop from one thing to another seeking the Holy Grail. Well maybe that I have finally found it that Holy Grail. Think about what attracts you to other people. Whether it be your partner, friend, politician or movie star we want to be friends with friendly and likable people. Being friendlier to every one you meet. Become more popular and increase your likability. Yes that's right your like-ability. It sounds so simple too simple in fact but in reality it's quite hard to get out of the habits of being negative, being grumpy and upset at the state of the world. It is not just about positive thinking; mind over matter but about actively training yourself small steps at first to stop being angry and upset with the people you interact with. This is whether it is your partner your boss, the butcher the dry-cleaner your car mechanic the bank anyone you do business with. Why because all of us want to interact with someone that is easy-going friendly likable and makes communication happen.

Now being friendly all the time requires work recognising when we are getting upset and diverting our attention-to something more positive or completely withdrawing from the scene. Either way getting angry being unfriendly will as we all knows not achieves much and will damage you’re standing in future transactions...

The trouble is if we are not friendly and like-able people will spend as little time as they have to communication with you no matter who they are. That is not good for business. Open communication and dialogue is very important to keep all of life's transactions and interactions going whether they be personal with friends ,f family member and the like to professional work -mates or client contact's. As I said you think this world be simple 101 stuff. But do they teach this once at School = NO!

By the way I intend to monitor and report to hub pages how I go on this and see how and to what extend my efforts get rewarded either internally or externally. Watch this space as they say!

Bringing happiness into your life...This is my Youtube Freind Megan


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