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Need Bridal Shower Theme Ideas?

Updated on September 14, 2011

Bridal Shower Theme Ideas to Throw the Best Bridal Shower Party?

So you're throwing a bridal shower for the bride-to-be? Great!

There is so much to do in bridal shower party planning, but choosing a bridal shower theme is the best way to start your party planning.

Once you have a theme to work with then everything else just falls into place, you can easily choose your bridal shower decorations, bridal shower favors, party supplies etc. because of the shower theme that you've chosen.

I have put together some wonderful bridal shower theme ideas to assist you in choosing the right bridal shower theme to throw the best bridal shower ever, to be remembered by the bride-to-be and will be talked about by your guests..

Bridal shower theme makes party planning a whole lot easier!

Things To Take Into Consideration Before Choosing A Bridal Shower Theme

Before I go into the bridal shower themes, I will like you to take into consideration to choose a shower theme that represent the bride-to-be personality or a shower theme that you know the bride-to-be will like and appreciate.

If you decide not to use a specific shower theme like kitchen shower theme, around the clock shower theme etc. and you prefer using a bridal shower color theme, please remember its her special day, so choose a color theme that she will love, not a color you think will look nice.

So if she loves lavender, pink, green etc. choose a shower theme around that color, don't choose a black and white bridal color theme or navy blue, yellow etc. Let her be pleased about how the day turned not.

Then she won't be complaining to her family, friends after the shower saying, "could you believe her, there was black and white everywhere, or navy blue.. I was so disgusted in the shower, couldn't wait for it to end.."

You want to create that magical moment for her to be remembered and cherish for years to come!

Then again another bride-to-be will love a black and white bridal color theme or yellow shower theme, so know the bride-to-be likes and dislikes and choose a shower theme to suit her.

If you are unsure you can always ask her mother, sister, her fiance or a close relative etc. for ideas on what she really likes.


If you're throwing an office bridal shower party or a bridal shower party for one of your church member or any other type of bridal shower, and you're unsure of the bride-to-be personality likes and dislikes, then you don't have to be concern about Bridal shower color themes or bridal shower theme.

But please try to choose a Bridal shower theme that's general, you know the ones that say Bridal shower on the party supplies, party decorations etc and most of them comes in neutral colors that you can also use for your bridal shower color theme.

Then again for office showers, if a colleague is close with her you can ask them for ideas of what she likes and dislikes if you want to use a specific shower theme.

Also for church bridal showers you can ask someone who's close to her like her parents, siblings etc for ideas if you prefer using a unique shower theme than the general bridal shower packages you find at any store.

Bridal Shower Themes Ideas

With these pointers in mind you can choose the right bridal shower theme that will ensure a successful bridal shower party

I know choosing the right shower theme can be a bit confusing or difficult especially if its your first time party planning for a bridal shower.

So I've put together some helpful bridal shower theme ideas that will assist you in throwing the best shower party that will be enjoyed and remembered by the bride-to-be and guests.

  • Traditional Bridal Shower Theme
  • Couples Bridal Shower Theme
  • Disney Theme Bridal Shower
  • Floral Bridal Shower Themes
  • Country Bridal Shower Theme
  • Fun Bridal Shower Theme
  • Bridal Shower Color Themes

Traditional Bridal Shower Themes

Tea Party Bridal Shower
Recipe Bridal Shower
Lingerie Bridal Shower
Around the Clock Bridal Shower
Something Blue Bridal Shower Theme
Beach Bridal Shower Theme
Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Gift Basket Themes
Pamper the Bride Bridal Shower Theme


Couples Bridal Shower Themes

Mr and Mrs To Be Bridal Shower Theme
Jack and Jill Bridal Shower
I Do Bridal Shower Theme
Two Love Birds Bridal Shower Theme
Silhouette Bridal Shower Theme
Honeymoon Bridal Shower Theme
Lawn and Garden Bridal Shower Theme
Romeo and Juliet Theme Bridal Shower
Stock the Bar Bridal Shower Theme


Disney Themed Bridal Shower

Cinderella Bridal Shower Theme
Alice in Wonderland Themed Bridal Shower
Princess Themed Bridal Shower


Floral Bridal Shower Themes

Garden Bridal Shower Theme
Sunflower Themed Bridal Shower
Calla Lily Bridal Shower Theme
Gerber Daisy Bridal Shower Theme
Rose Bridal Shower Theme
Daisy Bridal Shower Theme


Four Seasons Shower Theme

Spring Bridal Shower Theme
Summer Bridal Shower Theme
Autumn/FALL Bridal Shower Theme
Winter Bridal Shower Theme


Holidays Bridal Shower Theme

Valentine's Day Bridal Shower Theme
Mardi Gras Briidal Shower Theme
St. Patrick's Day Bridal Shower Theme
Cinco de Mayo Bridal Shower Theme
Patriotic Bridal Shower Theme
Christmas Bridal Shower Theme
New Years Bridal Shower Theme


Country Themed Bridal Shower

Asian Themed Bridal Shower
Jamaican Themed Bridal Shower
Mexican Themed Bridal Shower
Irish Bridal Shower Theme
Hawaiian Themed Bridal Shower
Italian Themed Bridal Shower
Caribbean Themed Bridal Shower
Arabian Theme Bridal Shower
Egyptian Theme Bridal Shower
India Theme Bridal Shower
Paris Theme Bridal Shower
Venice Theme Bridal Shower


Fun Bridal Shower Themes

Bride to Be Bridal Shower Theme
Damask Bridal Shower Theme
Western Bridal shower
Tropical Themed Bridal Shower
Wine Themed Bridal Shower
Luau Bridal Shower
Medieval Bridal Shower Theme
Spa Bridal Shower
Chic Bridal Shower
Shoe Bridal Shower
Heart Bridal Shower
Travel Themed Bridal Shower
Candy Themed Bridal Shower
Chocolate Themed Bridal Shower
Cupcake Themed Bridal Shower
Diamond Themed Bridal Shower
Hat Themed Bridal Shower
Movie Themed Bridal Shower
Peacock Bridal Shower
Baseball Themed Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Gift Themes
Butterfly Bridal Shower Theme
Monogram Bridal Shower Theme
Masquerade Bridal Sower Theme
Snowflake Bridal Shower
Pool Theme Bridal Shower
Polka Dot Bridal Shower
Pajama Bridal Shower
BBQ Bridal Shower
Seashell Bridal Shower


Bridal Shower Color Themes

If you plan to use a color or colors as your Bridal Shower theme, here is some Bridal Shower Color Themes suggestions for you to consider;

Pink Bridal Shower
Black and White Bridal Shower
Yellow Bridal Shower
Hot Pink Bridal Shower
Purple Bridal Shower
Navy Blue Bridal Shower
Blue Bridal Shower
Red Bridal Shower
Green Bridal Shower
Gold Bridal Shower
Silver Bridal Shower
Pink and Green Bridal Shower
Cherry Blossom Shower
Purple, Yellow and Green Bridal Shower
Red, Yellow and Green Bridal Shower

Here are some Bridal shower color theme party supplies, enjoy!

Bridal Shower Color Theme Party Supplies


If you'd like to view bridal shower theme party supplies, please click here.

I trust that the Bridal Shower Theme Ideas above is very helpful!

All the best in your Bridal Shower party planning and I wish the bride and groom to be all the best on their big day and may there marriage be blessed!


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      Rosann Saperstein 4 years ago

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      Cheers. Excellent stuff!.

      Thank you. I appreciate it.

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      Sharon Douglas 6 years ago from GA, United States

      Hello Mishaanatolia

      I try my best to be organized and make things simple ;)

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      Agreed, I liked how you organized the themes.

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      Thank you very much Mr. Speedbird for your lovely comment. I really appreciate it. All the best!

    • speedbird profile image

      speedbird 6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Nice bridal themes there..very well illustrated.