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Interesting Congratulation Messages for Promotion

Updated on February 3, 2016
Congratulation message on promotion
Congratulation message on promotion

Simple and cool Congratulatory Messages for Promotion

The joy of first promotion is great. Everybody remembers that day. You toil hard to get that coveted post for years. You have felt the pain when someone less deserving has gotten the prize leaving you behind. So, you know the joy and value of the first and every promotion.

In this hub, I have collected some unique messages to congratulate on promotion. you can use these to send to your boss, co-workers, relatives and friends. These are unique and exclusively made for you, the reader of this piece of article.

Congratulation messages and quotes written here are of various quality. Read these and select the one which strikes the chord of your mind.

I have also a hub with a lot of cool romantic quotes for wife by a husband.

Congrats quotes
Congrats quotes

Ten Messages

  • You have got another promotion and you have proved your worth again!
  • Congratulations for your promotion and good luck to you for the next one!
  • In the excitement of your promotion do not forget your friends and family. May the future days bring something better for you!
  • A promotion means new responsibilities and challenges. I believe that you can handle all these pressure with ease.
  • You are a champion and an inspiration to us all. Keep your good work and climb more heights in the near future.
  • You deserved that promotion and you have nailed it. Wishing you a bright future and a very happy life!
  • Congratulations! James, you have just started to step up on the corporate ladder. I hope you shall rise to the top faster than a meteorite.
  • Oh my God! Another promotion for you! I can’t believe it! My best wishes for you!
  • My dear friend, congrats for the promotion. We are expecting to get a super hit party from you. Waiting for your invitation.
  • Congratulations to you for your promotion which you very much deserve to get. I think you are successful in showing your capability and stamina. Keep it up for the future.
  • I hope that this promotion which you just got is just the ground floor of a high rise loftier than the Burj-El-Arab.

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Congratulation Email to a Friend for Promotion

My dear Susan,

I have just gotten the news of your promotion from your tweets. I did not tweet you to congratulate because I thought it would be much better to shoot you an email with truck loads of congratulatory messages for you. Don’t worry girl, I am not going to bashing your eyes with a lot of crappy messages like you have seen numerous times on your SMS inbox and Facebook profile updates. Oh, I have forgotten to mention your 2000 thousands plus fans on twitter.

Susan, I just want to tell you that you have gotten a well deserved promotion. I think by promoting you the HRD department of your company has proven that they a have a little bit of brain. You can not accuse the HRD personnel of my company of having any kind of intelligence. You are a hard working and smart girl (beautiful too) and will go to much higher positions. Forget me not when you will ride in a Ferrari. That is all for today, see you!

Your Friend,


3 More Quotes to Congratulate on Promotion

  • Hard work and honesty always pay; one can see it by your success. I congratulate heartily for your promotion.
  • I am glad to hear about your promotion, keep it up and enjoy the coming days.
  • Hey friend, you have beaten me again in the game. You scored better in the collage than me and now you shall getting better salary than me. I am jealous for your promotion, boy.
  • By your promotion you have proved your worth. By your devotion you have proved your heart.
  • Now, you are going to get a fatter check every month but do not get too excited. Don't forget about the increment of your family's shopping limit.

Congratulations card
Congratulations card


  • The news of your promotion has spread faster than the wildfire in a dry Australian forest. You can understand by that how popular you are among your near and dear circles. We like you very much for that and that is why also our happiness for your success is out of bound.
  • I am too much excited and glad to hear the news. It is the fruit of your own hard work and skill. Enjoy the extra salary mate.
  • My heartiest congratulations on your promotion at job! Nice to hear about the advancement of good and deserving people like you.

A Congratulation for Promotion Card Designed by Me

A congratulation card made by yours truly. Share it freely with my 100% permission.
A congratulation card made by yours truly. Share it freely with my 100% permission. | Source

Congratulations Messages from Parents to Children for Promotion

  • You have proved again that how much is the worth of your metal. I am proud of you may son.
  • Since childhood, we, as your parents, have noticed your honesty and diligence. We knew that you shall shine in the future life. You have proved us right.
  • Congratulations Johnny, for your promotion. I and your father is waiting eagerly for the opportunity for sending you the next congratulatory message. God bless you!


I have written a hub a long time ago. The number of quotes were not that great in it. Now, I have increased the number to make you, the reader more satisfied. I hope that you will like these messages. Feel free to share your opinion about this hub.


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