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Country Wedding Tips And Ideas

Updated on July 12, 2015
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Online wedding planner for over 10 years. My goal has been to show everyone the best way to plan their wedding without breaking the bank !

How To Create A Country Wedding

The country wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes. It is for the laid back bride who loves rolling hills, fresh grass, a wedding ceremony under a big oak tree with a barn reception. It is about lace and mason jars with fresh daisies. Good food is a casual atmosphere with lots of fun. Even if you want a little more formality, you can still express your love of county in a country club. Let's get started planning your country wedding.

It's not about cowboys (although it can be) It's all about lace on the bride and a more casual look to the groom. It's about a family celebration where everyone gets to relax and have a good time !

Your Country Wedding Venue

Barn and ranch weddings have become really very popular ! There is nothing prettier than an outdoor wedding staged in a grove of trees and flowers. Then holding your reception in a barn or on a country porch or old homestead. There are a few things to consider when planning this type of event.

  • Will there be chairs available and set up for your guests or will you need to rent them?
  • If you get bad weather, where will the ceremony be held?
  • What type of bathrooms are available for you guests?
  • Does the venue cater your reception or will you have to bring in the food?
  • Is the barn strictly used for weddings or do animals reside there?
  • Who will decorate the facility?
  • Does the facility have the appropriate zoning and licensing to hold weddings?
  • Will the facility provide fans, air conditioning or heat if needed?
  • What kind of refrigeration is available?
  • What kind of lighting does the venue have?
  • Where will the bride and wedding party dress?

Country Wedding Colors

When you are planning your country wedding, think earth tones to compliment your country theme.

Earth tones of silver, bronze, light brown, pale greens, and yellows will carry your country wedding in your flowers, décor, your invitations and favors

Country Wedding Flowers

The perfect flowers for your country wedding include daisies, roses, baby's breath, carnations, hydrangea, delphinium, iris, stephanotis, lisianthus, flocks, freesia, mums, and ranunculus. You want to avoid heavy overpowering arrangements and bouquets. The country wedding has a more airy and light feel. No dark colors for this wedding theme. Rather, you should focus on the colors of springtime and summer. Wrap your flowers with twine instead of ribbon . That will complete your country natural theme

Country Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Your country wedding ceremony can be memorable with just a few touches to carry your theme. Think natural for your ceremony décor. Try natural wheat aisle markers.

Want a totally natural idea ? Instead of a confetti or rice toss at the bride and groom, use small burlap or brown paper bags filled with sunflower or birdseed instead?

Add Some Calico To Your Country Wedding

Use some calico material for your photo background and for your napkins. Bandannas can be used as napkins too, A touch of calico can add a lot of country to your wedding

Mason Jars Wedding Décor Ideas

What could be more country than Mason Jars. They are so popular in all kinds of wedding décor, especially country and rustic. Best of all you can find all kinds of mason jars in various sizes in just about any craft store ! Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate mason jars in your wedding !

Outdoor Wedding Lights- Mason jars are perfect for outdoor wedding décor, especially if you are having a your wedding near or under a tree ! You can use them either with votive candles or those really nice flameless votives

Pew Markers-Fill some mason jars with flowers and tie them onto the ends of your pews or aisle

Tablescapes or Centerpieces

Wedding Favors

Dessert Tables

Baskets Are Perfect For Your Country Wedding

Baskets can be used in so many ways at your country wedding. They are reasonable and reasonable in price. Use them for your centerpieces, a place to hold your favors, for your flower girls. You can use them on a dessert or candy bar. Be creative and use baskets to add that natural touch to your country wedding

DIY Wood Placecards


Country Wedding Favors

I love country wedding because they remind you of home and warm feeling of love. For your favors think about homemade jams or jellies. How about some honey? Set out on a table with a checked tablecloth, you would have a delightful piece of décor.

You could also make homemade fudge or cookies and wrap them with ribbon. Think homemade and you will have the perfect touch to your theme

Think apples in bright shiny red as your wedding favor. Add a tag to your bright red favors and you have a mouthwatering favor.

Instead of flower centerpieces, why not have baskets of fruit as your country centerpiece? Think apples and pears in season. In the fall think pumpkins and apples. Mini pumpkins can also be used as favors !

Fun Country Wedding Ideas

Country weddings are never formal. They are all about casual down home warm experiences. Why not add some country fun to your event. Here are some ideas.

Fire pits: Why not have a fire pit where your guests can relax and enjoy each others company. If you can have hay bales covered with blankets You could leave sticks out and have marshmallows available.

Corn Hole Games : If you are a country guy or gal, then you know what corn hole is. Leave a gam out for your guests to play and it will be a big hit

Create rustic signs with worn board and white paint to direct your guests around your venue

Ribbon Rose Wedding Wreath

I created this ribbon rose wedding wreath with simple ribbon roses and burlap
I created this ribbon rose wedding wreath with simple ribbon roses and burlap

How To Use Burlap In Your Country Wedding

Burlap is so very popular these days in all kinds of rustic décor. Why not include some burlap in your country wedding? It's easy to use, readily available and economical. Here are some ideas to incorporate burlap in your country wedding.

  • Use it as a runner on your tables
  • Make a burlap wreath- wrap burlap around a foam wreath form. Glue on the flowers of your choice
  • Glue gun a strip of burlap around a mason jar. Then glue a piece of lace around the burlap. Add water and the flowers of your choice. Viola ! Instant centerpiece
  • Wrap a piece of burlap around a pillar candle. Tie it on with a ribbon or piece of twine. Group several together for a candle grouping
  • Make burlap cones for the edge of your ceremony aisle. Roll and glue burlap into a cone shape. Glue a lace band to the edge of the cone. Add and glue a ribbon loop. Fill with real or artificial flowers. Hang on the end of the chair on each side of your aisle
  • Take lengths of burlap in widths of three-5 inches and tie around the bride and grooms chair as a ribbon
  • Make a pew bow with wide burlap rolls

Apply several coats of pastel glass paint in the color of your choice to any recycled bottle. Wash all labels completely off the bottles and allow to dry. Apply the paint with a foam brush. Allow each coat to dry before applying more paint.The first coast will look streaky, but the next coats will cover the glass. Instant vases for flowers that cost you next to nothing

More Country Wedding Ideas

Country Wedding Décor Ideas

Carrying your theme through your wedding décor ties it all together and makes for a very pleasant experience for your guests. Here are a few ideas for your country wedding decor

  • Make a moss wedding monogram- Just get your wooden monogram letters at any craft store. Buy some bagged moss sheets and glue the moss onto the letters with a hot glue gun Hang your monogram from the barn door or behinds the wedding couple.
  • Gingham napkin rings- Buy yardage of gingham. Either cut or rip the gingham into strips. Tie your napkins with the gingham strip
  • Country pew markers-Tie sheaths of wheat with ribbon and use them as pew markers

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    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thanks for your input. Country weddings have become very popular in Florida. Several barns have been turned into wedding venues. It makes for a very nice day.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I love a rural backdrop for a wedding. Wonderful tips.

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      I love the warm casual feeling of a country wedding too. I also like the natural elements as well. I appreciate you thoughts !

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 2 years ago from USA

      I love the more casual feel of country weddings and the use of natural materials and elements. Those wooden placecards are wonderful! Thanks for sharing these great ideas!!

    • linfcor profile image

      Linda F Correa 2 years ago from Spring Hill Florida

      Thank you ! I love the idea of a country wedding ! My daughter is contemplating one and I will be helping her along the way

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

      Between fire pits and sharing the barn with the animals, you hav considered everything.