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What Women REALLY Want.

Updated on March 31, 2011

One of the best things that ever happened for me, and really a turning point for my own success with women, was becoming friends with a couple of really attractive girls that I knew. It wasn't the I was their friend but secretly wanted to sleep with them situation. It was just a real friendship. I got to learn what women really want.

And it has made ALL of the difference.

So, what do women want?

In a nutshell, they are looking for a man that acts like a man. The idea of becoming some really passive sweet guy that women just find irresistible just doesn't spark that natural sexual attraction in women. This is why the Alpha Males are the ones that always end up with the best looking women.

Now, to be clear, an Alpha Male is not the same as the classic “Jerk” approach with women. It's not about being that muscle bound guy that pushes around geeks and treats girls like crap. It's about being a real guy. Confidence, secure, and assertive when the time is right.

You can still be a good guy and be an alpha male. Just make sure that you never take the approach of becoming a doormat. It's also about having a life outside of a relationship with a woman. A lot of guys, they will start to revolve their world around a girl that they meet and in the process, they lose a part of themselves. And they also start to lose that spark that attracted their girl in the first place. We've all had a friend that broke up with a woman and all he talked about was how great that girl was and how lost he is without her. Maybe you have been that guy.

Don't ever be that guy. Have a life outside of any relationship that you have. Go
out with your friends once in a while and don't be afraid to be a man. After all, it's
what most women really want, anyway.

Does a woman wanted to be treated well?

Of course she does.

Does she want you to cater to ALL her needs?

Not if she wants to tear your clothes off and see you as a man that she truly is
sexually attracted to.

2 little words sum up in a nutshell what women really want-A Man.

So go ahead and be what you already are.


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