Great Book - Black Woman Redefined by Sophia Nelson

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    This book is a must read. Buy it for yourself and your girlfriends. If you address the topics and are really honest with yourself, this book can be life changing. As Iyanla would say, you can "Do your work" and begin a better life. 

    This book will guide you to be a your best self and improve your life. Buy it for your girlfriends as well.  This book won the African American Literary Awards 2011 Best Non-Fiction book with advice and inspirations from Soledad O'Brien, Sherri Shepherd, Mayor Cory Booker, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill and more.

    Make it a must read for all the women of your family.  We have a disconnect in our community that we must urgently fix and if each person took responsibility and addressed their issues rather than running away we could turn this thing around.  Ladies there are things we must process and not simply bury including our unspoken desires to be loved and the importance of staying aware of this as we achieve our goals.  We need to realize there may be things as individuals we need to address before being involved in a relationship. This is not a book of blame but a book to be fair about some of the issues that are challenges within our community and unspoken/unaddressed issues that are not often brought to light which may effect how we interact as women with men. 
    Learning to confront without being confrontational
    The church is not your man
    Sexual abuse
    Effects of broken homes
    Disappointment by your first love - your father
    Loving yourself/bodies and presenting yourself with the love you feel internally
    Getting over past hurt
    Work, love, and life balance
    Discuss issues with a therapist, there are some things sharing with your girlfriends can't heal
    The importance of finding a mentor to help guide you to achieve and navigate Corporate America. 
    *A warning to those that have tunnel vision on achievements and education while neglecting the exploration of meaningful relationships that could lead to the family life you desire.

    Check it out: … +redefined

    Wonderful book to read and I guarantee you won't be able to put it down.