The qualities that make relationships last. Soul mates.

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    realtalk247posted 3 years ago
     Fox News Reported:
    "The Science of Happily Ever After," 9 out of 10 Americans believe they have a soul mate, but only 3 out of 10 Americans actually find an enduring partnership that doesn't end in separation, unhappiness or divorce. What are we doing wrong? If we believe in a soul mate, then why aren't more of us happy finding one?

    Here are the top 4 steps to living happily ever after:

    #1. Agreeableness
    It's important to find someone who is agreeable.  According to the book you lose the ability to like your partner 3% each year and lust declines at a rate of 8% each year. Agreeable partnes make better bed fellows according to some studies, leading to a decreased likelihood to chear.
    #2. Self-Awareness
    Knowing your needs and how to manage anger, disappointment, and family expectations is very important.   
    #3. Conflict Resolving Skills
    Conflict will occur, but how to manage it is the most important. Great relationships learn how to resolve conflict and communicate effectively.
    #4. A Similar Vision and World View 
    A common vision and goals are essential to work towards a common goal or vision.  A common vision helps you bond together with a person and creates an ease when interacting with another person. … needs-have