Is the spirit of Baby Boy still alive today in many men?

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    realtalk247posted 2 years ago

    For those that reviewed the film do you still see similarities today regarding typically inner-city violence and struggle/lack of manhood in today’s society? Please be advised I slightly altered the quotes due to language/dialogue.  I quoted three of many memorable quotes that director John Singleton brought to life in the characters portrayed in this movie.  Unfortunately based on statistics and interactions of a large portion of African Americans/Minorities this still rings true today. 
    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Famous Quotes/Paraphrased

    Famous Quotes That Could Not Be Forgotten?
    **Hello. Is this lesson still applicable today?
    “You got to learn the difference between guns and butter.”  There are two types of (men), men with guns, and men with butter.  What are the guns?  That’s the real estate, the stocks and bonds. Art work. Shit that appreciates with value. What’s the butter?  Cars, clothes, jewelry, all the bullshit that don’t mean shit after you buy it. That’s what it’s all about:  Guns and butter.-Melvin's character

    **An honest appeal to God?
    "Lord, please show us the way, and if not, then please forgive us for being lost. (full quote)-Sweet Pea

    **Relationship Dialogue of the decade?
    Jody: You're my woman. Them other ho's is tricks. I make love to you, I want to be with you, but I (sleep with) other females occasionally. I don't know why, I just do. That's the situation. You feel better now? That's some honesty for yo ass. Deal with it. I love you enough to be honest.
    Yvette: Jody, If you loved me, you wouldn't lie to me all the time. Move!
    Jody: Hold on. You got it all twisted up! I lie 'cause I do love you. Being honest would mean I don't give a fuck. Out on the street, I tell the ho's the truth. I lie to you because I care about your feelings.
    Men, can you relate or see your friends playing Jodi's role?
    Women have you dated someone with the ideology of the character Jodi?
    Were you, or have you ever played, Yvette?
    Do you know or felt like Sweet Pea, lost but attempting to find some direction out of the madness?

    Unfortunately it appears that there are so many people moving today, standing still, when making little to no progress.  Men afraid to grow up believing they are a man but no actions to exemplify manhood.  Women that have no direction and randomly get pregnant and engaging in foolish interaction hoping one day this boy will grow to become a man.  Tyrese Gibson played the lead character in this film Jodi and admitted it was not a hard role for him to play because he lived this tumultuous life.  Do you think this film helped facilitate the uncomfortable conversation to reduce and diminish unhealthy paterns and unhealthy relationships?

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    Kathryn L Hillposted 2 years ago

    Do you realize it is hard to stare at a computer screen?
    To answer this post appropriately one would have to print your OP and study it. It would waste paper. So, I will respond according to what I read before my eyes got agitated.
    I did not see the movie, but decided to comment anyway.

    The bottom line is our lives are just so unnatural. We care more about money than spirit.
    More about things than love.
    More about satisfying random sensual urges than being loyal.

    What is a real life? Is it just satisfying what feels good within the body?
    Is it working to become a man? A woman?

    Self respect: Where does it come from?

    It comes from inner-strength. If life is too easy and the prey is too easy to catch how does one develop strength?

    We are not lions on the plains. We are lions in a zoo.
    A concrete zoo where everything is easy to get if you are willing sell your soul.
    If you are determined to keep your soul, its not so easy.
    At all.
    Soul and Strength go hand in hand. Strength comes from one's soul and the sincere effort to survive in a noble way.

    PS Baby boys are very strong with joy of life. That joy of life needs to be kept intact. Mothers can help. Fathers can help. Their babies are destined to grow up to be strong and powerful. Honestly, it is their destiny.

    Grief is the silent destroyer.

    I wish life had no reasons to cry, such as losses, heartaches, injustice, and prejudice, over-strictness, and under-caring.

    Love your babies, mothers. It will help them so much. Let them be babies when they are babies. Let them feel the warmth of the love/acceptance they so need... now. That love will carry them through and keep them in touch with the joyful and vital part of themselves throughout their entire lives.