Two emotionally week people cannot have a healthy relationship

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    Shuchi12posted 2 years ago
    There are various aspects of marriage that counts in its success:-
    1)Financially secure
    4)Give time to your partner

    However all these aspects are indirectly related to , "How emotionally strong you are?" For instance let me map above factors to this factor:-
    1)Financially secure:- If a partner is emotionally strong, financial backdrop means nothing to him/her. They will find a way to move ahead in tough times. Also they will be happy and satisfied with few.
    2)Compatible:- If a person is highly adjustable and adaptable, he/ she can gel up easily with other partner. This factor is also mapped with successful anger/emotional control.
    3)Loyal:-Emotional satisfaction is way more powerful than physical satisfaction except in few cases. Most of infidelity cases rise because other person is not giving due attention to his/her partner. The cinema has explored this idae in various movies like "Indecent proposal" or "Gone Girl". It too leads to murder in extreme cases.
    4)Give time to partner:- Again, as we know priorities matter. Person who loves you will find time in any circumstance. Corresponding partner , since he/she is emotionally strong can understand this thing well

    Overall "EMOTIONAL MATURITY" is the term that can be applied to any kind of successfull relationship

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      Safari Chicposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Good points!

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    Shuchi12posted 2 years ago

    Thanks! smile