brother disturbing me

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    jane091posted 8 years ago

    brother disturbing me

    need help i am being disturbed by my brother he is 18 and i am 16 he steers at me when i am asleep and also touches me at private places thinking that i am asleep he is doing this from the last 2 years but he never tried to rape me or even behaved weird he only did it when i am asleep and no bodys around if in case he feels that i am not sleeping he do not do this all, he acts normal other wise.I do not know what to do plz help?

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    Harmax123posted 8 years ago

    is this a joke? if your brother is touching you in a way you do not like, TELL YOUR PARENTS, if they dont do anything, tell a teacher or a police officer, his behavior is WRONG and SICK. do not let him do it anymore, tell him NO and tell him STOP.