Whats something you can do for a one year anniversary? When you are on a budget?

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    qtkeeksposted 7 years ago

    Whats something you can do for a one year anniversary? When you are on a budget?

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    Renew Retreatsposted 7 years ago

    The first year anniversary is something that is very special, especially if it is your first wedding.  You have reached a great milestone and it is worthy of celebration.

    As an event planner, I understand what a "budget" means and sticking to a budget is very important.  So here are a couple of suggestions and I will also make a hub on this question as well.

    Idea 1.  Go to your local dollar store and pick up a box of tea lights.  There maybe 4 to 6 in the box.  You will use these to set an atmosphere for the evening.  If you like jazz or soft r&b, have it playing softly in the background which will set a romantic tone.  Prepare his/her favorite dinner and have some wine.  (You can get inexpensive wines at most WalMart stores for less than $3.00 per bottle) 

    As the evening progresses, you can keep the lights dim and slow dance.  Make sure to let your spouse know how much you appreciate them and love them.  Keep everything light and sensual.  The rest of the evening is up to you....  Romance and all.

    Idea 2:  Pack a basket of fruit, cheese, tea sandwiches, chocolate, and wine and put it in your vehicle.  Take your spouse to the first place that you met (if possible)  Have a coffee or something while there.  Then go to the place that you had your first date.  Take out the fruit and have there.  Next go the place you shared your first kiss.  Take out the tea sandwiches and a little wine and have that there.  Next go to the place that you proposed.  Take out the cheese and have a little more wine.  Lastly, go back to the place of either your wedding or reception and have the chocolate and wine.  Eventually you will end up back at home and let the romance begin.

    In both situations, you can decide to give a card or to make a card and give to your spouse.  But either way, the most important thing is that you are sharing a wonderful evening with the person you have dedicated your life to.

    Have a wonder anniversary!

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    Diana Abrahamsonposted 2 years ago

    Take a short break for a weekend to a chalet in the hills!