40 and single dating tips?

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    vagabundposted 7 years ago

    40 and single dating tips?

    I'd love see tips and as well advices. Women of 40 years and up have more life experience and know what she wants. Isn't this difficult for her to connect and for men to really inspire her?

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    vagabundposted 7 years ago

    40 it's not old and this is not the tips . Women with that age is very social and like still meet people face to face and enjoy many activities. So you are suggesting that 40 years women should join site for OLDER. LOL

    I don't agree with you

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    Jennifer Angelposted 7 years ago

    Dating at 40 is about the same as dating at 30 and 20. The boys get more settled and women are able to sort through the bad ones sooner! Dating isn't all about what's on the outside anymore, its more about what the other person has gone through to get to their status in life. Other similarities between the things you like and he likes are still true. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, truth plays the biggest note in a relationship over 40. No one wants to settle down with a dead beat, gold digger and rightly so! I'm closer to the 40 mark and I know that my standards are way high. I prefer to go to church, sit through classes and learn about the people around me before I actually say yes to even a dutch date.

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