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My ex has contacted me after a month but i havent replied back to him yet when i

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    Lisa83posted 7 years ago

    My ex has contacted me after a month but i havent replied back to him yet when is the best time?

    Thanks essy for ur advise its great.

    my ex broke up with me over a month ago and was just like a light switch everything was going great and then he decides that i can do better .  Any way i didnt contact him at all & only the other day he emailed me whilst at work asking me how i am doing. I have not replied back and do not intend to until he contacts me again....do you think thats the right way to go about it or should i have contacted him? i was thinking if he really liked me & wanted me back he would make more of an effort, may be txt or call. What do you think?



  2. treven65 profile image61
    treven65posted 7 years ago

    Hello Lisa,
    In my point of view you do the right thing not to reply to him.


  3. Nkem Nwosu profile image56
    Nkem Nwosuposted 7 years ago

    Yes, he would have made extra effort to reach out to you if he really want the relation back, but if you were clearly the cause of the break call him, if not,wait till he but more effort,you are woman.

  4. ArefinShams profile image55
    ArefinShamsposted 7 years ago

    who made the break up-your ex or you?
    If it is you, then if the reasons behind it are still there then you are doing the right thing.
    If it is from his side and you think you can make the relation again, then think twice.

  5. Vicki.Pierce profile image71
    Vicki.Pierceposted 7 years ago

    My favorite quotes in relation to relationships:

    "for it once shame on you, fall for it twice shame me"

    "I am no fiddle, and I wont be played like one either."