To astrologer, I Elan Daniel is anxiously waiting for the results of my resear

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    walla.composted 7 years ago

    To astrologer,

    I Elan Daniel is anxiously waiting for the results of my research about...

    horoscope as I would like to know whether I shall get back my jewellery and 3
    room full of things back from my ex-wife who has taken it for 5 years now. My
    date of birth is 13 feb 1969 at mumbai, India. I am having vishdhar kalsarpa
    yoga and sharpit yoga along with debilied mars in cancer in navamsha chart and
    many retrogade planets along with mars in 7 th house. Please do reply me
    whether I shall get back my things back and shall I have a virtious, modest
    virgin wife with long living sons and permanent happiness, or is there going to
    be quarrels and divorce again if I go for a seco

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    bodhisattvaposted 6 years ago

    dear elan denial,
    sorry for replying your question very late. but i did not have any other alternate then to pay full attention to some other important affairs. please excuse.
    1. generally the bad effact of KAL-SARP YOGA ends after completion of 42th year. so now you willbe freed from that effact gradually.
    2.chant mantra:: AUM NAMAH SHIVAAYA eight times with full concentration when you get up, and go to sleep.
    3. stop hating your ex-wife. instead pray for her, wish her a better life. prey jesus and the mother to stay in her heart, and to give you energy to over come hatrade, and to forgive her.
    4. whenever you get anoyed, say in your mind that " I LOVE ALL, THAT IS CREATED BY THE ALMIGHTY"
    5. the above things will reduce period of waiting for getting your things back. however it is better to forget about the things which have been taken away by the ex-wife. you will get back them partially.
    6. more you keep cheerful, better and faster result you will get.
    7. in second marriage also, you may have to face problems. due to weak mars in navmansh, and vakri planets in house of wife. but second divorce may not take place.
    8. if married again, you willbe having children, who may satisfy you.
    9. be petient, non prejudicial and open while any thing you do. always thank the GOD, for any thing you do, and you will see a mirracle.
    10.follow the above tips. if you will see some miraculas changes in your life within fifteen days, kindly let me know.