ALLAH their is not deity except him the ever living the sestainer of all existan

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    sadik sefaposted 7 years ago

    ALLAH their is not deity except him the ever living the sestainer of all existance

    my name is sadik sefa

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    Is this a statement glorifying your faith, I can't make it out, is it a question, what do you mean?

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    All_is_wellposted 7 years ago


    Ok, you asked for it.

    You guys attack others religion saying that the Holy Quran is absolutely correct. Well here's the FACTS little boy....

    Quran was spoken by Muhammed 1400 years ago, the scientific so called facts in the Quran was discovered, studied and explained in full details 3000 years ago by the greeks.

    Allah has no form you glorify while others has you say yet, he has a throne, he has a right hand side where the 7/8 layers of heaven is and he has a left hand side where he has the 7/8 layers of hell

    Allah apparantly has already decide the fate of every human beings in the Lohe Mefooz and not a leaf moves without his permission therfore, thankyou Allah for not making me a Muslim.

    The Quran clearly states that those who are not muslim are Kaafir and Kaafir should be stoned and killed. (Don't try to express it differently, i've read the Quran and it says that very thing in CLEAR terms so don't dare say it means something else)

    In heaven, you can have all the liquor you want and guess what 70 VIRGINS, WHOA!!

    A man can beat his wife if she makes a mistake but the wife OR WIVES (4) can't do shit if the husbands do anything wrong.

    The Al Bukhari clearly states Muhammad raped Rihanna after he slayed her father and brother.

    His men after a conquest came to Muhammed to ask him for advise on weather or not to rape the women as they might fall pregneant leading them unable to ask a ransom for them then Muhammed said (It's in the Quran), ''don't worry my men, no life if not meant by Allah to be born, will be born'', giving them permission to rape them.

    I have more things i could say, i could make the longest hub on hubpages about it but i won't because Islam is a Billion peoples' strong hearted belief, i would just like for you to acknowledge the same about others. If you want me to see Dr. Zaakir Naik then trust me, i've read his books and watched his videos more than YOU and i'm just amazed that though he's hiding himself for a debate about the religion from so many authorities, he's still the 52nd most influencal Islamic Figure in the world, HA!