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What do you think is the best way to ask someone on a date for the first time?

  1. OpenConnect profile image58
    OpenConnectposted 6 years ago

    What do you think is the best way to ask someone on a date for the first time?

    Asking someone on a date can be kind of scary...you never know what the response will be.  I was wondering what people think is the best way to go about it?  Anyone have a system that seems to work best?

  2. UnderstatedMoment profile image82
    UnderstatedMomentposted 6 years ago

    I think the easiest way is to just call and ask them to meet you out for a while.  I think it works best if you are with a group of people and it's a laid back situation so it gives you sometime to connect and talk without have the awkwardness of "the first date".  That way it takes pressure off of both of you and if you decide that maybe there really isn't a connection there then you can both go on your own way without any hurt feelings.  smile

  3. AbsoluteJeanius profile image60
    AbsoluteJeaniusposted 6 years ago

    I think casual is the way to go.  Whatever you're doing when you encounter this person, chat a bit and then suggest continuing the conversation at a coffee shop or something equally low-pressure.  Keep it short, and if it's going well, apologize for having to leave (you're a busy guy with a life, right?) and suggest that you call her to continue the conversation in a day or two, maybe over dinner, your treat....  That sort of thing used to work for me.

  4. The Pink Panther profile image69
    The Pink Pantherposted 6 years ago

    Ask straight out.

    If they're initally reluctant, a bit of chloroform and a hankerchief should do the trick...

  5. dianne143 profile image38
    dianne143posted 6 years ago

    Just open up in a nice conversation.

    Before you leave you will say " i need to go now.... by the way do you have free time? we can talk more if you like...... it would be so we can go out sometime....

    If the girl is interested with you she will say " sure why not would be so nice smile