EMERGENCY !!it's been 10 days of no contact. is it too late to send him the "win

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    bellahoppposted 6 years ago

    EMERGENCY !!it's been 10 days of no contact. is it too late to send him the "win-him-back" letter ?!

    your website has helped me so much in those difficult times and gave me hope. I've bought the  win-him-back guide and intend to follow it's every step. the thing is that, Iv'e been doing the no contact for 10 days already. I don't know if its too late to sent him the short letter, that it may it ruin the period of time that we haven't spoken ? i'm desperate and will do ANYTHING to get him back. I'm miserable without him, he really is the love of my life. please, time is an important factor here, answer me ASAP. Thank you so much, your are an angle for me in those rough moments.

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    dashingscorpioposted 6 years ago

    While you're waiting for a response from Essy84 I thought I'd share with you my opinion. One major requirement for someone to be "the one" is they must also see us as being "the one". You said, "I'm miserable without him, he really is the love of my life". Clearly if he felt the same way about you he would have contacted you during the past 10 days! It really doesn't matter who dumped who. Once someone is let go there is no getting back unless (both) people want it to happen. You can't control another person's desire. Therefore it's important for you to really know if something is a real "deal breaker" prior to calling it quits.
    On the other hand if you've put (everything) you have into a relationship (the first time) there is nothing different or more you could give to it a second time. Once you given your best there is nothing more you have to offer.
    The notion of wanting your ex back comes with the belief that your past is better than your future will ever be. That's a ridiculous way to live your life. The driving force for living is believing in the possibility that tomorrow, next month, or next year will be better than today. When we stop believing this we slowly start to die. In a world with over 7 Billion people on it the odds are in your favor there is someone who not only has all the traits you're looking for in a mate...but they would also love and appreciate you. An ex is an ex for reason and it's usually a "good reason". Your future lies ahead of you and not behind you. It's time to move on with your life! Best of luck!

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    bellahoppposted 6 years ago

    dear dashingscorpio.
    thank you for your response.
    I didn't really give any details of the break-up but it was totally my fault. i literally pushed him into dumping me.
    I really treated him bad. I did many mistake, mainly because for a long period of time i was taking him for granted.
    he spoke to me a few times about my behavior but I simply ignored what he was saying to me. he was really trying to save this relationship and i ignored. never in my worst dreams I thought he would make such a drastic decision.

    If everything was great before the break-up and he would suddenly finish things up, I wouldn't fight for it by understanding that he just isn't interested anymore.
    but, because I'm so aware of my behavior in the past two months, and to all the mistakes Iv'e made, I feel there is hope. I feel like he was forced by me to finish things. I feel that i cause it, and therefore i can fix it. because he really wanted to save it. he insisted for a long time.
    i hope those things change your mind a little bit.
    and, i'm still eager to get essy's respond.