What are the best aphrodisiac food sources for couples?

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    K9keystrokesposted 6 years ago

    What are the best aphrodisiac food sources for couples?

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    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    foods or sources?

    avacodos, asparagus, chillies, bananas, oysters, basil, coriander, pistachios, turnips, carrot, fennel, eggs...there're lots!!

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    dallas93444posted 6 years ago

    The food you consume can have a direct impact on your sex life, affecting your hormones, brain chemistry and energy and stress levels. Some foods have psychoactive properties, others arouse because they are psychologically suggestive, and some can actually increase blood flow to the genitals. And if it does not have all that aphrodisiac effect, at least it’s healthy and it will do you good!
    Anise popular spice used in cooking, anise tastes a bit like licorice or fennel and has long been thought of as an aphrodisiac. Its potent aroma and complex taste can increase arousal. According to HowStuffworks.com, anise contains estrogenic compounds, which can relieve menstrual cramps and induce an effect in women similar to that of testosterone.
    The banana has aphallic shape of the banana is very suggestive, and it's a naturally nutritious and satisfying food.

    The Neurosciences Institute in San Diego found that some of chocolate's natural compounds stimulate dopamine production in the brain, which is scientifically proven to enhance and spark pleasurable sensations.

    good old oysters, the cliché of all aphrodisiac foods. Oysters have long been thought to have aphrodisiac properties, but very few studies have been conducted on the matter.

    One thing that brings credibility to the oyster myth is the fact that these slippery critters are full of zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which have a positive effect on the libido. Zinc deficiency can cause impotence in men, so any food rich in zinc is considered an aphrodisiac in that respect, and oysters happen to be loaded with the mineral.

    There are many more...