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Most embarrassing moment in your life?

  1. Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image79
    Ian Dabasori Hetrposted 6 years ago

    Most embarrassing moment in your life?

    Describe the most embarrassing moment in your life.

  2. Gracefulwriter profile image61
    Gracefulwriterposted 6 years ago

    Ha-ha! The one that comes to mind is when I was teaching in college. I asked a mature, stable student to allow me to use his computer to show a DVD I wanted to use for a lesson. He sat on the front row, as all good students do and his computer was handy, plugged-in, booted-up.
    I put the DVD in & it wasn't running. A few seconds later, a major porno came up on the screen.. a woman was doing something & I was agast! Students were laughing & howling. A teacher walked by the classroom, his face plastered to the window. I was pushing buttons saying, "turn this off! turn this off!"
    Oh it was funny, though.
    A male student called out, as we finally (1 minute later) got the thing off the screen, "at least it wasn't a man!"
    Still makes me laugh.

  3. justateacher profile image82
    justateacherposted 6 years ago

    I seem to embarrass myself on a regular basis...the one time I fainted as I stood in front of the class giving a report...asking really stupid questions that have such obvious answers...there are more, but I am too embarrassed to answer!

  4. SantaCruz profile image69
    SantaCruzposted 6 years ago

    When I was 12 years I tried water-skiing. My friend's family took me out on their boat. My first embarrassment was not realizing then when you fall, you should LET GO -- don't let yourself be dragged along eating seaweed. (Possibly my dumbest moment ever.) My second embarrassment was more serious: When I got back up on the skis, I realized that my bathing suit was completely see-through. And there on the boat sat my friend, her father, her brother and her mother. :-(

  5. edhan profile image61
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    I can vividly remembered at one time when I had a stomachache and frantically looking for a toilet.

    When I saw the sign showing the direction of the toilet, I rushed into the toilet but only to discover that it was for female toilet.

    Imagine at that moment my face was total red after seeing the woman inside. She was about to scream when I dashed out of the toilet.

  6. Cardia profile image94
    Cardiaposted 6 years ago

    I was at a friend's house with a couple others having a movie marathon. I got up to get a drink from the kitchen, and I walked back to the sofa (it was the type that has a wooden frame, then normal cushions on it) and just when I was about to sit, the sofa broke! I didn't even get to sit down! I was sort of hovering in mid-air, and I was so embarrassed. It looked like I broke the chair. My friend and her parents said not to bother, as it had done that before, but I still turned red!