I need a free wedding budget/planning calculator.

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    wendy-weddingposted 5 years ago

    I need a free wedding budget/planning calculator.

    Do you know of any free online calculators or wedding planning and budgeting tools to help me keep track of all my wedding expenses?  Or do you know of any free Excel programs for planning weddings? Thanks for any help you have to offer!

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    Leela Rainelleposted 5 years ago

    It might take a little more effort, but if you use the sum tool (Σ) in a plain Excel spreadsheet you can do it for free. If you don't have Microsoft Office, there is a free version of Word and Excel as a "Starter" program. You have some ads to the side, but it's not bad.

    I'm not sure if you already know how build a spreadsheet or not, but just in case...

    Simply type in your categories, such as flowers, venue, DJ/Band, centerpieces, etc. in one column. In the column next to it, type in the cooresponding budgeted amount. At the bottom of the budgeted amounts column, click on the first blank cell underneath the numbers and click the sum tool (Σ) and it should automatically highlight all of the numerical values above it. If it doesn't, you can click and drag to highlight the cells you want added together. Then hit the "enter" or "return" key on your keyboard and it should give you a total that will automatically adjust if you change one of your budgeted values. You can also use this tool to figure out the subtotals of group categories, such as "decorations" if you would like.

    I hope this helped!

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    paxwillposted 5 years ago

    Google turns up a lot of different tools for budgeting your wedding costs.  Here is a good one:

    http://www.had2know.com/lifestyle/weddi … ulator.php

    It bases its estimates on the number of people attending, your max budget,  and all the things you want to include in your wedding.  If you want a planner that works more like a spreadsheet, this is a really nice free online system:

    http://wedding.theknot.com/wedding-plan … udget.aspx

    No matter what kind of budgeting tool you use, you have to keep in mind that their formulas are based on averages and estimates.  One calculator might assume that photography costs half as much as catering, another might estimate the cost at 75% of catering.   It's probably best to see what the average prices are in your area and then use those figures to work out a reasonable budget.  Good luck!