Is it really true that only the weak ply the route of unforgiveness.

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    elychemposted 4 years ago

    Is it really true that only the weak ply the route of unforgiveness.

    Love is a mixture of pain and  pleasure . She  is refusing to forgive me what can I do to win her back.

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    Sabrina Tells Allposted 4 years ago

    Love can be a mixture, but the mixture begins at home from within.  I am not certain what she must forgive you for, but I can discuss the portion of winning her back.  Her affection is not a trophy to be won over a brief period of time; you must be you (genuine). 

    Relationships just like friendships evolve and grow.  It is nurtured in the same way you would tend to a garden.  First something sparks the seed to begin to grow.  A relationship begins in very much the same way.  With just the right amount of sunlight, fertilizer and water the garden has a real chance of becoming something worth boasting about. 

    However, if weeds are allowed to grow alongside this beautiful garden it can turn ugly and potentially a real threat to its existence.  Maybe it can survive just a few weeds, but without a caretaker that understands the importance of nurturing and the inward knowledge to provide protection, it won't be long until the end is near.  The last flower is pale, drained and one after the other the leaves begin to fall.  The only way you can attempt to win someone's heart is by nurturing trust, commitment, love, compassion and to be genuine. 

    Who caused the pain for the garden to be neglected?  It would have been the caretaker that failed to appreciate what could have been while neglecting the warning signs.  To be the caretaker of a relationship, you must tend to your garden and provide your partner (flower) with what is needed for her to flourish, and to let her know how valuable she is to you.  Actions speak louder than words, and saying the one word sorry would do very little to help the garden that did not survive.  I wish you the best as you begin what is needed to tend your garden.  - Sabrina Tells All -