Do love songs make people happy or sad.

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  1. iggy7117 profile image76
    iggy7117posted 2 years ago

    Do love songs make people happy or sad.

    They have both effects on me depending on mood or what I am experiencing, is everyone this way?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    "..depending on mood or what I am experiencing." - Very true!
    Unhappy people usually dread being around "happy people".
    If someone isn't in a "happy place" they may feel sadden hearing love songs because {they lack the circumstances} being sung about.
    In other instances they may be "cynical" because they themselves have never experienced or received the feelings being expressed.
    Those people who are in loving and passionate relationships are more likely to say things like: "This is (our) song" or "This song always reminds me of you... or us" They {feel a connection} to the lyrics.
    As you alluded to it's not so much the song but the mood (you) are in.

  3. m abdullah javed profile image77
    m abdullah javedposted 2 years ago

    Love songs have an inbuilt stuff of making someone happy, provided that's sung in a jovial mood coupled with a soothing music.

  4. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    I lean toward most certainly yes!!

    I must adamantly also point out that song or music will induce, provoke, produce a mood too. For instance I began researching this question as a Hub Idea. I thought I would seek songs to review that produce feelings for me (Subjective). I wanted to find those that may lead me on an objective journey. My quest was an informational article.

    (*** This journey began as I listened to my programmed Pandora station. I wandered seeking . . . something to write about. Shared are some songs encountered.)

    So, I began to research first. Familiar with Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions I sought happiness and sadness. It seems with his psychological theory within that wheel there is sadness. It is a secondary emotion of three levels. Its polar opposite is Joy. Following are those levels with the root emotion first:

    Ecstasy ←→ Grief
    Joy ←→ Sadness
    Pensiveness ←→ Serenity

    Researching a bit and a byte I learned emotions follow feelings. In other words emotions are cognitive or a product of thoughts. Another way to look at it is feelings are hurt and then one experiences the emotion sadness and its inverse as well.

    Another element is feelings are both experienced and perceived. There is a present and past form. Or, one can remember sadness or joy. Perception is to become aware of something through the senses (hearing?). It also "is the interpretation one gives through her/his awareness". Another view is as insight or intuitive. Perhaps the mundane radio broadcast is broken by 'Bridge of Sighs' by Robin Trower. A memory is conjured . . . 

    With perceptions comes perspective (Cognitive). Perspective has meaning being a point of view. "It is a framework that we use to look at things". One might ponder not only the song itself but the circumstances or environment at the time of listening - past  ('memory) or present. For instance on a long drive across an isolated desert floor. An effervescent moon casts outstretched arms toward you. Abruptly a song comes . . . 'Radar Love' by Golden Earring.

    Next, curious I sought a philosophical approach seeking the soul. Seems logical since a soul mate may be a focus or lack there of. That led toward pondering the heart. I was sitting before a desk thinking about "Do Love songs make people happy or sad". Suddenly, like a glass vase shattering upon a tiled floor arrives 'A Time for Us' by Loreena Mckennit.

    Now . . . Well . . . I suggest seek discovery and then possibly write about it. For me . . . ??


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