It's all very confusing...

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    Zynxposted 7 years ago

    For the past five years I have been jumping between girls that I like, however I seem to always find myself going after this one girl, "N". N and I have known each other for the past five years but it wasn't until recently that I managed to grow a pair and do something about it. Back in May we went out a lot but I didn't happen to see her much over the summer. It wasn't until around the very beggining of August that I asked her out to lunch. We went out to lunch and then came back to my place. We went out later on to the county fair and at one point a nicer restauraunt. My mom seems to think that we are going out... however I don't even understand the whole situation... I've that I really liked her and she told me that she really liked me too, but I really don't know what we are.

       There's more, you see it's not that easy for me to just that we are goiung out because back in January when I started my megaplan of making her mine, I learned that she was being stalked. She would tell me stories of how this creep known as "DPEN" (He's a sophomore in college going after a 17 year old) would show up at her house whenever he felt like it. I ended up meeting himn once and he is a total ass****. He would hit N as we were walking around or throw her stuff around. I hated him. However he asked N out to the Uproar tour in Chicago on Saturday (and she really wanted to go) so she said yes to going. That week was the same week that we went out to eat. I learned at dinner that she had spent the whole week with him and other then thursday, would end up seeing him all week. He even showed up her house as she was getting for a night out, she managed to make him leave and our night was really good otherwise (mind you that both times that we went out to eat, she wanted to pay for her meal). The next week DPEN invited her to Ozzfest wherein she gladly accepted (but it probably didn't matter much to her whom she went with as long as she could go).

       DPEN is ruining my life, and taking away my (is she?) N... and I am planning going out with her tomorow night where I plan on confirming our status... however Is it better to not know anything at all (Ignorance is Bliss?) or would I be accepting if she didn't want me. My friend told me that N really likes me... but I'm just not sure at all what I should do. However, if I do something, I want to do it before the end of the month... It's all very confusing

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    dakota rayposted 7 years ago

    well i think it is a littel sad that you did not see her until august when you wnet to lunch are you guys still seeing eachother?

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      Zynxposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yeah, I've been seeing her often.