A Hub for Her

  1. stanley3181 profile image57
    stanley3181posted 7 years ago

    I promise to do what i ask you to do, but i will even do it better and normal even if you can't do it back to me. The days that are ahead of us are those days that we imagine and shall be in them days. It will be a time i shall carry your name with care, joy and love for without love we are nothing.

    Now let me ask you to do just what noone else cannot do for me, well they can but i am selecting only you to do this for me. Carry my name the way i carry it, am i being selfish? I wonder! Will you carry it the way you would expect me to represent you, teach me to make you proud of me all the time, wherever you go my darling speak about me with pride as much as i am doing today and forever.

    I promise to be there with you all the way through life. I promise to be that man you deserve. There is a past for everything and so do humans have history as individual. I know what you did, when you did not know that i would find out. The things that you got involved in when you never knew i would meet you, i am glad you have said to me all that you chose for me to know. I  guess you will still reveal the rest as we grow.

    In my time ever since i met you, i have told you as much as i remember. I believe thats how you have said stuff to me as well. I promise to tell you everything else as i flash back, thats if i have anything else to tell. It is all in a wish to run a happy life together forever. I know you now and i am still learning you, you are that subject they can't set an exam for me. I would not pass all exams about you but you wil still have a place in my heart.

    Its for her.

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      speedbirdposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      why don't you make it to be a hub?