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Forget Searching About How To Get Her Back For Good. Apply Tricks To Turn Her On Like An Alpha Male

Updated on December 4, 2012

There are no rules or any written codes on how to get her back for good for every situation, but there are very powerful tips you can apply that could work or not depending on your situation and the beliefs of your ex partner.

Will These Recommendations Work With Every Man?

Sure, every woman is different, but women are more similar than different in the ways they think and act, so you should learn how they think in order to amplify your chances to get your ex back.

No system could give you 100% of accuracy or results, but if you study carefully how 10 percent of guys seduce 10 super pretty women a month, you could drive some conclusions because they are doing things different than the 90% of the rest. They are applying the secrets of "Alpha men", secrets that turn on women quickly and make them feel attraction at a "Gut Level". Although few have those abilities naturally, all men could learn and apply those secrets to their advantage.

You Have To Be Patient

One proven thing here is patience. When suffering from a broken relationship, you must keep your hope up and keep your heart strong because nature has educated women to seek strong men. Remember that you have advantage over all other men because you have a lot of history accumulated with your partner and that will help you to take the best course of action. Strong men are never after one woman and never beg a woman to be with him. Strong men expect that women fight for him because he is indeed the "price" to be won if she deserves it. That is the way a real alpha man thinks and this type of thinking could help you a lot to regain your ex girlfriend, but it is not a matter of faking your personality, because women will see very easily through this and this strategy will backfire. You have to be sure of this and start acting in a way that supports this.

You have a powerful weapon in the form of the moments together and all the attention you gave her. Women are known to have very strong feelings and act respond positively when they receive good vibes. This is the reason why making a woman laugh is one of the best ways to seduce her and the reason is that women are attracted to men that makes them laugh and feel good. This is a very good reason to start learning some jokes and please: make her laugh "with you" and not "of you"

Research The Terrain First

First it is better to find out whether there is any another man in her life. If there is another man you have to be very careful because your ex will be comparing you at every move. You have to seduce her another time so, make her feel good, make feel her that you are "in charge of everything" because this is the way real men act.

Don't Be Desperate Or You Lose

At this position, show respect for her. You must stay close to her but you should also keep away enough time to be missed. Don't show interest in her more than just friends that have a good time while meeting, but make her see that you are not interested in fighting for her, in reality you should show her that she will have to fight for you if she want to be with you another time.

Real Men Don't Make Desperate Moves

You must play your cards carefully because it is easy to make errors that will make things much more difficult for you in this position. It is better to stay calm and positive. Real men will not bother too much with any girl because they could get hundreds of girls at every moment and if you could make her believe her that you are in a position to choose from several girls, she will be at least curious about you because women are extremely competitive. The trick is even you aren't dating; give her clues that you are.

Be Very Careful If You Are Dating Other Girls

Some people recommend dating other women to make your ex jealous. This is very risky and has to be done with some "mastery". You don't like to really make your ex think that you are really interested in any girl you date, but make her feel that you "are in control" of your breakup, your ex will not make you fall down and you could have any girl you like. This is really the mindset you should have if you ever want to seduce your ex girlfriend to be back with you.

Don't Be Shy About Seeking For Advice

If you have legal problems you search for a lawyer. If you have love problems, you should search for the appropriate professional. Many men feel shy to seek advice when dealing with love problems, but this is normal (remember that this problems happens to 90% of all people in the world) and you have the opportunity to become a better man. Even if you can't return with your ex girlfriend, you will be at a better position with your next girlfriend that will love you much more than the previous one, so don't be shy and take action to become better than you already are.


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