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How Strong Your Love Quiz

Updated on October 31, 2012

How Strong Is Your Relationship?

It could be said that the best relationships start out as friendships that sort of catch fire.

Sometimes, however, it helps to analyze a relationship to identify areas of improvement. It starts with knowing and understanding one's partner and respecting and appreciating their dreams, wishes, goals, aspirations, likes and dislikes.

So how well do you truly know your partner and his or her view of the world? To find out, answer the following questions.

relationship quiz
relationship quiz

How Strong Your Love Quiz Scoring

Here is the scoring system. This isn't intended to be a scientific or definitive survey, but it is designed to get you to think about your relationship and how to make it better.

15 or more: Your relationship is strong and is undoubtedly built on friendship.

9-14: You have a good foundation, but a little extra work can enhance and strengthen your relationship. This is a good opportunity to become a little more attuned to your partner.

8 or fewer: Get to work on your relationship or you and your partner are at risk of drifting apart.

Do You Need A Relationship Report Card?

We all used to dread "report card day" when we were in school. When it comes to evaluating your own relationship with someone, you had also better hunker down and study!

If you were to rank all aspects of your relationship with your significant other, do you think you would get an A+ or something less? If your partner were to write out a report card on your relationship, you might find it to be an eye-opening experience, to say the least!

Some people suggest that you and your partner should actually write out a report card for each other, but I think this is a terrible idea!

Rather than opening up the lines of communication or providing valuable insights into your relationship, It would undoubtedly turn into a "blame game." Your partner would no doubt be insulted by the scores you gave them, you would be insulted by the scores your partner gave you, and your relationship might never be the same again.

If you fill out a report card on your relationship, it should only be one you fill out on yourself, and you should never, ever show it to your partner! Why point out the hole in the doughnut, as they say? A salesman never calls attention to the flaws in the product he is trying to sell, and neither should you.

If You Fill Out A Report Card On Yourself

...Then you should have some guidelines as to what each grade will mean. An A, for example, might mean that while you aren't perfect, you think you're pretty exciting. It could mean that you try to be loving, enthusiastic, attentive and satisfying.

You might give yourself a B if you are not perfect but are consistently working on improvement.

A C means that, while you may be acceptable, there is room for improvement. A C is not bad; at least it means that you are being honest with yourself.

A D or an F will stand for an unhappy or even a hopeless situation. A D might indicate that you are suffering from depression, while an F may mean that you are simply in the wrong relationship.

If you find that there are areas of yourself that you feel merit a D or F, you should commit to a course of action that will help you to improve your grade. This will require a commitment, but if you are willing to improve, you could definitely move that grade higher.

When you work on your self-analysis, you can grade it in the same way that your schoolwork was graded, with numbers such as 75%, 85%, 90% and so on. Areas that you might grade yourself on include such things as affection, attitude, commitment, conflict resolution skills, considerateness, sensitivity, creativity, flexibility, generosity, friendship, and so on.

After you've evaluated yourself, continue to gauge your levels of honesty, listening, household management, lovemaking, patience, romance, self-esteem, sense of humor, tolerance, empathy, and spontaneity. You can add things to your list of evaluations as you think of them.

By the way, you should avoid evaluating your partner! This risks making you judgmental or critical of him or her. Your evaluation should be strictly of yourself, and once again, it should never be shared with your significant other. It is strictly for your own self analysis and self improvement.

By the same token, never ask your partner to evaluate you. This is likely only to stir up resentments and defensiveness. Instead, you should be keen to your partner's unspoken behavior in determining how well you are satisfying his or her needs. That is the best way to improve your relationship

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Did you like this quiz? Hate it? Did we leave something out? Did we put something in that shouldn't have been there? How did you do? This is your chance to share your comments!

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