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How To Accessorize Your Wedding Cake

Updated on May 25, 2015
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Best Wedding Cake Table Ideas

Your wedding cake table is one of the biggest features of your reception. It is usually placed near the head or bridal table.More than not it has the colors of the theme as one of the elements.The decorations of the table whould accent the cake, not overpower it.

Adding one or more decorative features to your wedding cake table, if done correctly gives an exciting look to your theme and exites the décor of your wedding to new levels. Your pictures will shine as you and your groom cut the cake on your special day.

Here are all the tips, ideas and resources that you should consider when planning your wedding cake table. We have collected ideas and inspiration to help you create a wonderful wedding cake table.

Check with your venue to see what tables are available and where it can be placed

Verify Your Cake Order

Once you have ordered your cake, make sure to check with your baker, several times as the wedding gets closer. Verify with him the day before your weddding aand carry his phone number with you ! Just in case you are unhappy or there is a problem, you will want to have that phone number !

Your Wedding Cake Table Accessory List - Getting Organized For Your Cake Table

Your Wedding Cake Table has several elements to consider. Many elements can be added together to give an overall look. You should take time ahead of your wedding to consider and make an overall plan for your wedding cake table, rather than just throwing it together at the last minute. Here are the elements to consider:

  1. Start With The Table Find out from your caterer or venue coordinator what kind of table is available for your cake and how big it is. Decide where in your overall planning , your wedding cake table will be placed-It is usually placed near the bridal table. Find out how the table will be covered.
  2. Now Consider the Tablecloth A stark white tablecloth with your cake just sitting on it, just doesn't say a thing. You will want to find out if the venue has an overlays in your color scheme. If not, you might want to consider our suggestions on overlays and tablecloths
  3. Adding candles and Lights Adding this element gives a soft glow to your wedding. We have added lots of suggestions on using them
  4. Add Table Accessories Consider adding things like frames and pictures, shells, and other accessories that match your theme
  5. Your Cake Topper An essential element to your wedding cake décor is your cake topper
  6. Cake Serving Sets You will need a cake knife and server for that all important cake cutting ceremony

Cake Table Accessory 1

Add A Colored or Print Tablecloth

Your cake table is usually a prominent feature of your reception. Rather than just having your cake sit on a white tablecloth, add a little color. You coule do that with a colored overlay table cloth in the secod color that you are using for your wedding. If your cake is very white, you could even use a print overlay underneath. Colored tablecloths are our number one accessory to your cake table !

For an extra special look, take your overlay cloth and gather it up. Secure it with a T pin (available in any store that sells floral supplies. You could then add a bow at each gather or a flower or two

Ask your caterer or venue coordinator what other tablecloths may be available as overlays. Even several dinner napkins laid over each other can serve as an overlay !


Another Addition To Your Cake Table

Tassels add another element to your cake table decoration. They can be added as a single large tassle or several smaller ones. Usually they are placed at a gather of an otherlay. They can be secured with T pins. The best thing about tassels is that they come in just about every color and are readily accesible. Plus they can be used later on in your home on pillows or as tie backs on your drapes. Consider these especially with any kind of pricess theme, or Indian theme, or Mideveil Theme

Cake Pedestal - Cake Pedestal Add A Classic Touch

Cake Pedestals are an accessory that every bride should consider. They are a classic element that makes any cake the showpiece that it should be

Cake Pedestal

Some cakes just rest on the table, but you can accessorize your cake with a cake pedestal.They can make a statement about your theme or color choices. Purchasing a cake pedestal is a good investment as you will be able to use it over and over again. Using a cakes pedestal will make a small cake look larger and will add extra finesse to any simple cake

Cake Table Accessory 3

Flowers-A Delicate Punch Of Color

Flowers and flower petals add another punch of color that showcases your wedding cake. It can be as simple as adding your bridemaid bouquets near your cake. It can be a circle or square of petals surrounding your wedding cake.It can be greans and simple flower heads spread around your cake. It's up to you !

You can also add formal arrangements next to your cake if your table is big enough. Use the colors that you have selected to keep your theme going. This is really effective if you are using flowers on your cake

Three Tiered Cake Display

Using different elements, this cake display table is visually pleasing

Table Accessory 4-3 Tier Cake Stands - A Wedding Cake Display Alternative

One of the biggest fashion trends is to have separate layers of cake on separate cake stands.When you have three tiers, rather than stacking them one on top of another, you can display them as separate cakes in different levels. This idea will show each level as a separate cake with a the beauty display factor

Cake Table Accessory 5-Tulle

Easy To Use and Budget Friendly

Tulle has to be one of my all time favorite accessories at any wedding. It is easy to work with and very budget friendly. No matter what yoour color or wedding theme, tulle adds just the right touch to your cake table. You can just bunch it on the top of the table or add it like a bunting with just some pins. It adds a soft but classy tough to your cake table.

Add Some more flavor with a flower or a ribbon at each gather

Place A Mirror Under Your Cake - Makes Any Cake Look Larger

Placing a mirror under your cake is a perfect touch. It highlights the cake, especially when you add some tealights or votives around on top of the mirror. Add some rose petals and you have a perfect setting for your cake table. Best of all these mirrors can be used later on in your home.

Wedding Cake Server Sets - The Traditional Cake Servers

Cake server sets have been a traditional accessory for weddings for a very long time. These servers get used for years after the wedding for all kinds of celebrations throughout the married life and beyond. Add a little colored ribbon in the color of your wedding around the handles. Lay them near your cake.


Another Cake Table Accessory

Consider using pictures of you and your groom or family pictures in coordinating frames as part of your wedding cake table ! This will make your table very personal. You can also use wedding portraits of other family members as well. Use frames that match your theme or colors and it will be an instant hit !

Easy to do and economical. You will use this for years to some ! Perfect for cookies and cupcakes on a dessert table
Easy to do and economical. You will use this for years to some ! Perfect for cookies and cupcakes on a dessert table | Source

We hope that this lens has helped your creative juices start to flow. Your reception is a day that you will long remember. Creating a terrific wedding cake table is an important element of your celebration. Let us know that you have stopped by ! Leave a comment, an idea or just say hello. Either way, we are pleased that you dropped in !

Thanks For Stopping By - We Appreciate You

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