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Life Or Something Like It

Updated on July 7, 2010
You Use The Same Tools To Destroy Your Life As You Do To Build Your Life - It's All In The Application.
You Use The Same Tools To Destroy Your Life As You Do To Build Your Life - It's All In The Application.

Your Life's Ruin

Did you know that it takes just as much intention, vision, concentrated focus and energy, vision, planning and implementation to destroy an environment as it does to create one?

By the time you get to the end of this article you will have the tools vital to destroying yourself, your relationships and your business or work environment. There are specific steps that must be taken in order to achieve ruin. To do so you must be fully prepared to be oblivious to who and what you are. This is a very important factor because it grants you immediate permission to deny others their ability to be who they are. Once you have taken these two steps you are off on your journey to ruining your life. You are now free to create yourself and others as anyone or anything you chose. You can create yourself as nothing and nobody or a false something or somebody surrounded by a sea of ignorant, stupid, lifeless and equally false others. These steps are of vital importance if you are to have any success at all in ruining your life and creating the toxic environment needed to rob yourself and others of life force. If this sounds like it might be too difficult and take too much effort on your part keep in mind that it takes as much energy to hold yourself back, deny others and destroy relationships and environments as it does to create one.

Are You Focused Or Aimless?
Are You Focused Or Aimless?
Life Without A Goal Isn't!   What Are Your Goals For Life And Living?
Life Without A Goal Isn't! What Are Your Goals For Life And Living?

Now that you are ready to ruin your life you must be prepared to refuse to take any responsibility for anyone or anything including yourself. It is imperative that you assign little value to yourself or others and that you fail to perceive that which is important and that which is unimportant. In fact, you will reach your goal of ruining your life if more rapidly if you make the unimportant, important and the important, unimportant. This can easily be done by making nothing of your own dreams and goals and visiting the same upon the dreams and goals of those whom you interact with.

The methodology you must apply to the unimportant is to make it extremely important. This is a required step because in order to ruin your life you have to put your attention on and keep it on a small incident and then make a federal case out of it. This will serve to not only tie up your life force but also contribute to the trapping of the collective life force of anyone within earshot. It is preferable that while doing this that you use the most grating, shrillest, loudest voice possible delivered in any mood ranging from outrage on down to hysterical. In your "making a federal case" you absolutely must make some thing more important than someone. In your so doing you will be able to tie up great quantities of an individual's or a group's attention.

Oops!  You Did It Again.
Oops! You Did It Again.

A common example of a "federal case" is turning a few drops of milk into "You’ve spilled the milk ALL OVER my floor”. It is often very effective to add the words “my clean floor” as in “You’ve spilled the milk ALL OVER MY CLEAN FLOOR.” There are side benefits to this type of performance; you can get your own and others' energy stuck on a spot of milk thereby distracting yourself and others from what you have or have not done. Plus you get to be right even as you make the other, whom you have now legitimately upset, wrong for being upset by simply interjecting, "There is no use crying over spilled milk."

In order to ruin your life you are of course going to have to destroy relationships. One effective means of doing this is to become adept at needling others. Some methods you may consider employing would be to leave your "stuff" lying around; make communication difficult to understand or hear; promise to do something and then not do it; arrive late or better still fail to arrive at all. The best thing about needling is that it is most often silent, allowing you to sneak up on your prey, rather like vodka. The other person ends up with a big headache and they didn’t feel it coming.

Are You Stuck In A Solid, Negative Reality?
Are You Stuck In A Solid, Negative Reality?

Two other methodologies that will hasten the ruin of your life are gossip and criticism. Speaking negatively of another or complaining about them to a third party is an absolute must. For one thing it is an excellent way to undermine people’s communication with each other. Stands to reason that if you will not say the lousy thing to someone’s face nobody else is going to want to either. Now the party you gossiped to is stuck with an item that they may well be reluctant to pass on to the person being gossiped about. If that is the case then the communication between those two parties will be pretty much gummed up. Be forewarned that utilizing gossip to achieve your life's ruin may take a little effort on your part. This is because it is very necessary for you to get agreement from those whom you are gossiping to that the third person is indeed as you say they are. You may have to invest a little time and energy into getting these agreements in place as the more people in agreement the more solid the reality. A tip here is that if the party you are gossiping to says nothing you can take their silence as tacit consent that what you are saying and doing is okay by them.

Do You Point Fingers?  If You Do Three Fingers Are Pointing Back At You!
Do You Point Fingers? If You Do Three Fingers Are Pointing Back At You!

Criticism is similar to gossip with an added ingredient. In order for your criticisms to ruin your life you must not, I repeat, lift so much as a finger to assist a person, a team, a group or an area in any manner that could contribute to the improvement or optimizing of that person, team, group or area. Again, as reality is created by agreements you will have to put a little work into getting others to agree with you that "someone ought to do something" about whatever your sharp, pointy finger is pointing at. If it suits your purposes you may even want to wag your sharp, pointy finger for emphasis. This is known as digital punctuation.

Are You Thrown Off The Path?  Do You Throw Others Off Their Paths?
Are You Thrown Off The Path? Do You Throw Others Off Their Paths?
Do You Problem Solve Or Do You Put Solid Obstacles In The Way?
Do You Problem Solve Or Do You Put Solid Obstacles In The Way?

Somewhere between gossip and criticism lays whining and complaining. Whining and complaining is to the wheel of life as a stick is to the spokes of a bicycle. A natter, natter here, an oh how terrible there sprinkled with a dash of poor me and before you know it life is sidetracked if not thrown off the pathway altogether. Once you have started to implement the whining and complaining technique you are going to want to cast your gaze about for other things to whine and complain about. This is often made necessary through the existence of those annoying types who like to help. These people are problem solvers and love to see things going right for themselves and others. They are passionate about upgrading their own and others' existence. If you run into one or more persons of this ilk you may have to throw down a spike belt. As they have their wheel of life rolling along in the direction they want it to go and are often traveling at warp speed you will need to bring out your heavy arsenal - huge, unsolvable problems. Some examples are, political corruption, overwhelming bureaucracies, horrible weather or a litany of reasons why people with orange hair and purple noses should not be allowed to exist. Anything that is out of their sphere of influence and therefore out of their control will suffice. You must at all times be on guard for those who know how to handled whiners and complainers as they are capable of bringing you down with one blow thereby destroying your game of ruining your life. They are easy to spot and if you come across one head for the proverbial hills just as fast as you can. These people will spot your dirty little secret and take the thing that you are carrying on about and ask you one simple question, "Have you ever done that?" Do not answer, instead pull a Daffy Duck and exit stage left. a nice little wrench or series of wrenches into an area. The minute one complaint is handled the complainer will find something else to go on and on about. Those who are making the most of their life and assisting others to do the same will not allow you to eat up gobs of their time, their attention, their energy as you seek to downgrade the environment. If you answer their question it's game over!

How To Destroy An Area
How To Destroy An Area

Resorting to criticism is particularly wonderful because you get to evaluate the actions or performance of another casting them and their abilities in a negative light while you sit back taking no responsibility for the area whatsoever. You have to be very careful about using negativity – how and when and who to use it on because you could drive the other party right out of the area or off the position they were holding and the function they were performing and it could end up smack in your lap or your plate or some such where you don’t want it. However, if your intent is to move the other off their position and take it over than criticize to your blackened heart’s content because there is a very good chance they will eventually abandon their position leaving it available for you to step in and show everybody the right way to do things. You will have to keep a vigilant look out for the enemy – those who have mastered the handling of the powerful creative forces. If it is indeed imperative that you destroy an area, then you have a far greater chance of success if you can if you can go about your business of criticizing as covertly as possible.

Are You Contributing To A Toxic Environment?
Are You Contributing To A Toxic Environment?

The most evil of the powerful destructive forces is criticizing. Criticism does not help people get better it only fixes their attention on an unwanted condition and sticks them there. Criticize often enough and pretty soon you will find that you have become the unwanted condition. As a critical person you will be exposing yourself as one who has low integrity. Anyone can point out what is wrong with someone. If you are adept enough to dodge the double edged blade of criticizing then you have mastered one of the most evil of the powerful destructive forces. One thing that will hinder you however is if you cross paths with an individual who is as proficient at handling powerful creative forces as you are at handling the powerful destructive forces. The good thing is that these masters are easy to spot. They will ask you things like, “What can you do about it?” and “How can you make it better?” These positive creative masters are honor bound to ask you such questions, it is part of their code. Failure to handle a critic, not the criticism but the critic, is to tacitly allow the build-up of toxicity in an environment and that is counter to the code because it is counter creation. A person who can point out what to do to correct a situation or a condition is helping to make the other person better. They are unfixing peoples’ attention from the negative, not wanted condition and they are invested in the positive, gradient steps to getting better, to getting more of what is wanted and needed.






The Right Time Is Now!
The Right Time Is Now!

Spirit Of Play

You can easily learn how to scuttle your buts and get yourself out of this pickle. It is time that you recognize the value and importance of setting personal goals, develop a pleasant personality and pay attention to your moods and attitudes! You natural state is purposeful, playful and joyous. It is through negative processes that you find yourself on the other side of the split. It is time to cease doing onto others what you have had done onto you. It is time that, through new agreements, you lend yourself to more optimum realities.


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    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      I have never heard of the Screwtape Letters. Now that you have brought them to my attention I'll make a point of finding the book. Considering humankind has been implanted with all manner of doubts and criticisms C.S. Lewis was definitely on to something. My brother and I used to talk 'fuzzywump'. This was taken from a character in a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy story who used to say the opposite of what he meant. We had great fun with it but we also used it to hide behind when one or the other of us objected to a negative communication by saying, "I was talking fuzzywump!"

      Thank you for your comments and for putting me on to the Screwtape Letters.

    • Winsome profile image


      8 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      Hey RM, interesting approach here. It reminds me of the Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis where the young demons are trained to destroy people by planting little doubts and criticisms in their heads. I have found as you suggest that asking questions in a positive way tends to bring things back to a more healthy direction. Thanks for a well thought out article.

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Your observations and comments are spot on. We have excepted the negatives as being "normal behaviours" and "human nature" when in fact there is nothing natural about it. We have instead become quite artificial and robotic in our lives and our reactions rather than responses to life. It is called the gift of life and it would behoove us all to begin treating it as a gift. I like that you brought up "sense of entitlement" because it served to remind me that I and we have been gifted.

    • billyaustindillon profile image


      8 years ago

      This was so well done - very clever the taking the negatives as using them to achieve a destructive life. This really drums it home. There is so much negativity and criticism and destruction in our lives - it starts at home with out praise or when we get bullied or then our first job, destructive relationships and what drums it home is the media and our worship if celebrities etc where we seem to love and dwell on failure - how disturbing is that! It is like OK to be that negative and critical? This sense of entitlement and irresponsibility has fueled all this. As you point out we don't need to be and deep down we all know that. I enjoyed the article and it makes me strive harder to not criticize or do anything negative and be positive. Thank you for a super hub. Oh - great picture titles :)

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      It is, it can wear a body right out!!!!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      8 years ago from England

      Hi, I know so many people like this, and certain parts that you wrote had me smiling in recognition. It must be hard work being so negative! lol cheers nell

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Nellieanna I have come to the conclusion that the negatives seem so strong because of the decisions we have individually and collectively made. The more agreement the more solid the reality and so our lives have become unbalanced and we are out of harmony with our true nature. This creates disharmony not only within ourselves and our own bodies but with each other and indeed the planet that we are the custodians of. We all have free will whether we deny it our not is irrelevant to the fact that we all have it. I'm all for throwing a little more "weight" on the positive side of the teeter-totter! I am not for getting rid of the negatives altogether as without the negative the positive could not exist however, I did dislike it very much when a much larger child than I sat on one end of the teeter-totter and found it amusing when I was left dangling in the air.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      raisingme - those are truest words - "one cannot undermine and take away the self worth of another without undermining and taking away one's own self worth. " And yes, we must recognize the ACTIVE negatives before we can confront them. They're not just the absence of the positives - they have their own power and in some ways it seems as strong as - maybe once it's in motion, even stronger than the positives. But we are given free will to choose, it seems. We do it every moment of every moment we live here in this existence and on this planet. We have to know what the choice really is before we can choose wisely. And we have to know that making an error does not send us to the "negative corner", unless we choose to let it. Such is the nature of our choice.

      Excellent article and yes - you do have the hang of it!! Hubbing and more!

    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      It is also of note that one cannot undermine and take away the self worth of another without undermining and taking away one's own self worth.

      Thank You Zsuzy!

    • Zsuzsy Bee profile image

      Zsuzsy Bee 

      8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

      Raisingme, fabulous hub. Well put and definitely the root of mental abuse, how one person is able to undermine and take away anothers self worth...

      very awesome hub

      kindest regards


    • raisingme profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      First of all, thank you for your comment on the pictures. I do believe I am starting to get the "hang of hubbing". And you speak the truth, it is vital to be aware of the negative traits - both in ourselves and others as they serve to lower our mood levels thereby downgrading our lives and our personal, business and social environments.

    • BennyTheWriter profile image


      8 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

      Very poignant. It's important to be aware of these traits before they creep in and destroy our personalities and relationships.

      I think constant criticism is among the most noxious. Depending on the person receiving it, the reaction will be anger, lower self-esteem, mistrust--all of which are poisonous and easily avoided.

      Thanks for writing about this. Nice use of pictures, by the way.


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