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Straight Male and a Lesbian

Updated on June 16, 2014

Woman Pilot


Straight Male and a Lesbian

Recently, a friend of mine told me of a woman that he really liked and thought she was leading him on that she liked him. Not for one time in the three months of knowing her did he even consider she was a lesbian. That thought never came to his head. She was beautiful and had a smile from ear to ear when he would come into her restaurant where she worked. They would strike up small talk and speak about how there was not much to do in this small town of Midland, Texas. He never asked her out on a date because he was hesitant that she was already involved with another man.

One day she gave him her phone number so he could reach her to go flying. She was also a pilot in training for corporate air travel. She had a few hours that she could use the plane and my friend thought that flying with her, would give him the opportunity to know her better. She agreed that they should take a flight together and enjoy the sights of flying around town. Nonetheless, he was enthusiastic about being close to this woman and becoming better friends. She was everything he wanted in a girl, she was nice, had beautiful blue eyes and silky black long hair, with mile long legs. She was not a local in this town, and was from Colorado, also training in town training with an oil company in air flight.

Facebook Tells Truths

My friend wanted to find out more about this woman so he looked her up on Not everyone is on Facebook, but he knew with her out going enthusiasm that she must be on here. After a short search he found her and a surprise. She had pictures on her Facebook page of vacations and airplanes she had flown and all the pictures had female friends. No males in any of the pictures except a man that looked like her brother and it turned out to be her brother.

Most women, who travel have goofy and fun pictures of them traveling. Some with Playgirl looking guys having fun dancing with other men at bars and clubs. This should have told my friend that she was different, but he did not even consider the main photo she had with her arms around another female and embracing her in her home picture. He was totally in denial of the fact that she liked females. She did not even have to speak a word about it the pictures showed the affection she had toward another female.

My friend had written to this girl and told her how much she meant to him, still in denial that she was possibly a lesbian. He told her how beautiful she looked and how kind she was to him and how he would like to return the favor. He was grossly involved with this woman and wanted badly to chat with her, and she did get back with my friend but only on the subject of taking that flight they had discussed at the restaurant. All the time this girl was moving to another city for more training , and so my friend kept up with her messages on Facebook and then it hit him that she was involved.

Life as a Airplane Pilot

Pictures Tell Truths

The girl in the picture with my friend’s want to be girlfriend was her lover. They expressed their feelings for each other in other conversations throughout Facebook. The friend of mine was disappointed and had high hopes that this girl would change. So he persisted to chatting with her to no answer. She was not mad, I suppose, she just had no feelings for my friend as she was not into men in this way. She evidently had chosen to be with women and nothing or nobody would change this fact. My friend finally gave in and up on this girl, and admitted to me that he was in love with a lesbian. However, there was nothing he could do but let her go.

It is interesting how we assume what one girl or man may or may not be interested in as far as a lover. You cannot tell with women. Men on the other hand are somewhat easier to tell if they are homosexual. It changes nothing except if you want to pursue this person, be ready for a letdown. We are whom we are in this society of gay and lesbian humans. Is it right or wrong, that is for each to decide if involved in this type of relationship. It is also interesting how much you can find out about a person by looking at Facebook and other social media sites on the internet and find answers to your questions about certain people. Society accepts the community of gay and lesbian people now more than ever. It can be confusing to a straight man or woman. My friend now know how it feels for a woman to run into a gay man and to be turned down due to his satisfaction with the same sex.

In conclusion of this article, which is true. Facebook and other media sites like this one can tell you a lot about a person and their lifestyle. You might watch what you put on your Facebook page if you are trying to conceal your image to the public. This young lady seem to not care by expressing herself in pictures and words towards the same sex. This is fine if you have no concern and it is also a lesson in learning about other people that you may want to be involved with in the future.


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