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New York Bachelorette Party Ideas

Updated on May 24, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The whole idea of a bachelorette party is for a bride-to-be to have one last, crazy night before she walks down the aisle. When it comes to New York City, there are plenty of fabulous places to have a memorable event.

For many women, a bachelorette party means having a man -- a.k.a. a stripper -- involved in some way, and of course, New York has plenty venues for that. But what's great about Manhattan is that there are other options for bachelorette parties, should the bride-to-be want something a little different. In fact, many of New York's bachelorette party-friendly venues are even MORE fun, in my opinion, than your standard stip joint or all-male review.

Because these places get so many bachelorette parties, most offer special deals for the evening; usually, the party will get a discount and dinner at the club or the club will partner with a restaurant for the dinner. It's a nice deal and by having this package (no, not that kind of package -- minds out of the gutter, ladies!), you won't have to worry about making multiple plans for the evening.

Whchever of the following venues you choose, though, you're sure to have an amazing time. So live it up and get ready to paint the town red!

Times Square Hunks Bachelorette Party

Best Places To Have A Bachelorette Party In New York

1. Naked Boys Singing (New World Stages/Stage 2 on 50th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues): Okay, first things first: Yes, the boys are actually naked in this musical extravaganza. Completely. The first time I saw this awesome show, I didn't know where to look! Still, this musical is surprisingly clean-cut, though the humorous songs are definitely full of inuendo. That said, it's perfect for a bachelorette party since it'll keep any bride-to-be and her pals laughing and will give them plenty of eye candy to admire. Plus, the guys singing are gay (as many of the songs note) so the groom will have nothing to worry about!

2. The Duplex (61 Christopher Street): This lively piano bar located in the heart of the Village is technically a gay bar, but on some nights, the straight crowd outnumbers the gays. I often go here with my GBFF, Scott, and the place is always inundated with bachelorette That's no surprise, though, since this is one of the most fun venues in all of NYC. The crowd is friendly, the drinks are good and the performers are amazing. Each pianist/singer plays popular tunes, such as anything Billy Joel, and of course, everyone joins in. In between songs, the entertainers will often regale the crowd with the smutty details of their lives. Going to the Duplex is kind of like seeing a musical, doing karaoke and watching a comedy show all at once. It's definitely a great spot for a memorable bachelorette party.

3. LIPS (227 E 56th Street): For years, this drag queen bar was downtown, but they recently moved to the Upper East Side. Still, LIPS promises the same fun that is always has and welcomes bachlorette parties with open arms. Part restaurant, part cabaret, LIPS begins your evening with a delicious meal (burgers and pasta make up a good part of the menu) served to you by the resident drag queens. Then, as you eat, the "ladies" sing and dance -- and, of course, get the brides-to-be involved in the act. It's almost impossible not to have a blast here. We took my very conservative friend here for her bachelorette party, to see how she'd react, and she LOVED it. I'd never seen her more relaxed!

4. Lucky Cheng's (24 1st Avenue): This is also a drag queen bar, though a bit raunchier than LIPS, and it also attracts a lot of bachelorette parties. The big thing here is to get the bride-to-be up on stage and have her receive a lap dance from one of the "ladies." The last time I went with friends, we witnessed one woman being held upside-down by a drag queen -- though the bride-to-be was laughing and seemed to be enjoying herself. It's a little wild, but is a good place for bachelorettes to let loose.

5. Awesome '80s Prom (Webster Hall, 125 E 11th Street): Get ready to tease your hair and don a dress with shoulder pads -- the Awesome '80s Prom will take you back in time to the coolest decade. This interactive musical experience gets the prom-goers dancing and laughing amidst the cheesy nostalgia. Most who attend like to get into the spirit by dressing the part. So at least for a few hours, that bright blue eye shadow will be cool again.

6. Times Square Hunks (1604 Broadway): If you're looking to have a more "traditional" bachelorette party with cute, oiled-up guys gyrating in front of you, then the Times Square Hunks are worth checking out. They're all exactly what you'd want for this kind of evening: each is well-muscled, barely dressed and there strictly for your pleasure.

Awesome '80s Prom Webster Hall

Lucky Cheng's New York


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    • angellove24 profile image

      angellove24 7 years ago from United States, somewhere where the winters are nice and the summers are hot

      wow this sounds like some wild ideas, but if you want to party the ideas are pefect

    • profile image

      Jenny 7 years ago

      Go classy and see a burlesque show! My friends and I went to see a show called the Rhinestone Follies and it we all had a blast. It's sexy and funny, and those twirling tassels really give you some ideas for the bedroom ;)

    • profile image

      Steven 7 years ago

      Naked Boys Singing! thanks you for the recommendation.

    • hubber-2009 profile image

      hubber-2009 7 years ago from India

      nice ideas about parties..