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Online Dating: Is It A Good Idea?

Updated on March 10, 2010

Is Online Dating A Good Idea

It used to be that online dating was the last refuge of the loser who couldn't find a date any other way. This is no longer true, online dating has gone main stream. There is no longer a stigma attached to meeting somebody over the internet. Nowadays it is consider an effective and efficient way to meet women.

The internet is a wonderful tool that has made our lives so much more convenient. We do our shopping online, we find jobs online, we invest our money online, why not meet women online? Not many guys these days have the time to go out on dates every night looking to meet the woman of their dreams. Even worse is going on a date and finding out five minutes in that you have no future with this woman. Online dating lets you sort through profiles and communicate with a number of women so that when you actually meet you be fairly certain that there is at least some potential for a relationship.

Another great advantage of dating online is that it expands your dating pool. Lets face it most people date somebody they know from work or school, or someone they met through people at work or school. This seriously limits your options, especially if you work in a small office. Very rarely will you meet somebody in a bar, or any of the other common pickup places, who will turn into a serious relationship. Online dating gives you a far wider selection from which to find the right woman for you.

Getting started with online dating is a fairly simple process, just sign up at a couple of dating sites. You will be asked to create a profile, this is simply a chance to tell women who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. A lot of people don't put any effort into their profile and are then surprised when they don't meet any women, you have to take the profile seriously. It is also important to make sure that you post a picture, your chances of success will be far greater with a picture.

Online dating no longer carries the negative stereotype that it used to, is has become a very common way to meet women. Every day we hear more and more stories of couples who met online. If you haven't found the woman of your dreams yet it may be worthwhile to give online dating a try.


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