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Top 10 Best Personalized Gifts 2014

Updated on June 10, 2014

Personalized Gift Ideas - The Best of the Best!

The popularity of personalized gifts is growing by leaps and bounds, as they can be gifted for literally any occasion like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, retirement, holidays such as Easter or Christmas and more.

Often the perfect gift for a loved one or valued friend is a gift that's personalized. By personalized I mean that it's embroidered, engraved, etched or in some way customized especially for the recipient. Now-a-days there are more ways to personalize presents than ever before and gifts can be personalized with the persons name, initials or even a photo.

Personalized gifts are really easy to create online too. There are many online merchants that specialize in gifts that can be easily personalized for just about anyone, events or special occasions. Simply upload your desired image or fill in the personalization form with the persons name or initials and they will make it up and ship it out.

DCMA Notice by Walter Baumgarten

Almost everyone likes M&M candy right? Here is a delicious gift idea! Now you can create your own real, authentic, M&M candies that's customized especially for you. That's right, now can you have your very own personalized M&M's with a totally unique message of your very own.

Each piece of M&M candy can have as much as two lines written with 8 letters on each line, so you can have a complete name written on the colorful candies. And on the flip side you can upload a

photo and have it printed on the opposite side too. This is one of the newest hottest Personalized Gift Ideas going this year and it's perfect for men, women and kids alike.

Save 15% on My M&M's, when you spend $100 or more.

Use Code: MYPARTY15.

Some of the best times of our lives are acquired by celebrating our annual birthdays and one of the highlights of birthday parties is the Birthday Presents.

Then every 10 years a milestone birthday rolls around and the party and celebration is even bigger. Be sure to capture the big birthday bash with lots of pictures and select the best one and frame it up to enjoy for years to come. Then frame it up in a special frame that is personalized.

The variety of personalized birthday picture frames is mind boggling but I have sifted through the throngs of frames and featured a few favorites right here. Hope you like the top picks, if you want to find out more about one of the frames simply click on the image to visit the vendor site.

Let a treasured friend, Mom, or special lady know how much they mean to you with our exquisite Vintage Jewelry Box personalized for her alone!

You choose any 3-line message along with any 2-line ending sentiment, date, etc. and we will custom engrave your sentiments onto the glass lid in an elegant, script letter style. (View personalization ideas under the image)

Features beveled glass top with a soft, lavender trim accent and vintage inspired glass on all sides, completed with pewter trim filigree.

A dangling heart charm creates the beautiful finishing touch.

Top hinged lid and attractive detailed standing feet for table top display.

Measures 3" H x 3"W x 3"D.

Vintage Treasures Glass Jewelery Box

One of my best friends was recently married and while I was shopping on line for a nice Wedding Present I ran across some really outstanding gift ideas for the wedding that featured various forms of personalization. The personalized gift ideas niche has really matured since computers and the internet came of age.

Here are a few of the coolest personalized wedding presents I have come across. I actually ordered up the wedding canvas in the upper left hand corner and it came out really nice and was very well received by the newlywed couple, so I was sure to include it here.

iSeeMe Personalized Childrens Books - A very unique personalized gifts for your child...

How about those good ole' days when you were a child and your favorite thing was nightly ritual of reading you those awesome bedtime stories, and fairy tales? Your favorite ones where read to you countless times. Just curious, are you sharing bedtime stories with your kids? It's a wonderful tradition that makes special memories for children to reflect upon later in life.

A custom book for kids is an excellent present to gift, and one that is destined become a family heirloom someday. Inside the book, your child will partake on their own adventure. They can even invite their friends to come along! Plus favorite foods, colors, and even pets can be written in the story line to ensure your child will feel connected to the storyline. Your child can even be a hero, or a princess.

This is a personalized present that isn't just a passing fancy, it's educational too, customized children's booka can help encourage reading. Kids are even more interested in reading when they can relate to the storyline, so what better story to read than ones own?

It is nice to have a couple in your life that has been able to stay together throughout the years. A lovely way to mark the occasion and that is with thoughtful personalized gift.

There's just something about anniversaries that makes it the perfect time for a present that is personalized in someway. Whether it's embroidered, engraved, painted or customized in some other way, it's the ideal way to mark the special occasion.

Want to show your loved ones how much you love them? What better way to do this than to gift a personalized Anniversary Present that will be cherished for many anniversaries to come. We have an extensive gift guide that features fantastic anniversary presents for everybody from the bridesmaids to the best man and of course the anniversary couple themselves. It's chock full of the trendiest anniversary gift of the season.

This New York Times hardbound book features the recipient's name in gold lettering on the cover.

Inside it includes a fascinating 19-page timeline of 20th Century events (covering 1900 - 1999), 10 extra pages for personal mementos, a magnifier, a certificate of authenticity and a special Times coin making it an especially wonderful Birthday Gift Idea.

The unique 1.5" bronze coin is a perfect companion showpiece, engraved with the book's selected date on one side and iconic New York Times Tower on the other. Constructed with acid free paper, this unique gift idea is not found anywhere else. Actual Book Size is 12" x 15".

The Ultimate Birthday Book

Personalized Penguin Family Christmas Ornament - Personalization makes a unique and treasured gift...


arling for a family of seven, or Grandma and Grandpa and five grandchildren. Create their own unique personalized ornament from Calliope Designs by telling us the names you'd like inscribed.

Most customers put the family name in the plaque, but another idea would be to think of an appropriate phrase that stands out for this particular year. Each ornament is hand lettered by our talented artists. Made by talented artisans here in Santa Rosa, CA USA! 4 1/2" X 3 1/2"

Personalized Penguin Family (7) Claydough Christmas Ornament
Personalized Penguin Family (7) Claydough Christmas Ornament
Adorable penguins with room for names on their Santa hats. A year in the heart, or a phrase complete the cute holiday decoration. Everyone loves our Penguin designs and you will too when you see it with your family's names inscribed in our lovely calligraphic-printing lettering. Completely handcrafted of polymer clay to last forever.

Sure you could get him a regular ole' present like a RC vehicle or a video game for his new console, but those gifts are not very personal. Why not opt for a Boys Gift that is customized with his name on it?

It takes slightly more planning, but a personalized gift really says I love you, because taking the time and effort to have his gift made to order says, I care. Nowadays there are some really cool gifts that are in some way personalized too. From custom skateboards to this awesome laundry hamper, the choices are endless.

This is a trusted VISA debit gift card with an all new twist. It's a VISA debit gift card, but what makes it a truly unique gift is that you can upload your own photo and they will put your image on the face of the card for a custom personalized gift. Just think of the possibilities!

When it comes to spending personalized gift cards it's important to emphasize that it is a VISA or MasterCard Debit Card, so they can be used like normal.. First of all, Personalized Gift Cards make awesome gifts, both personal and professionally. They can be presented on special occasions including holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings. Congratulations for important milestones like graduation are also the common examples when gifted to family members, friends, and relatives.

If you are into photography, or even just a few snap shots here and there, you likely have those cherished photos that you want to share with everyone.

Step out of the box and gift someone give a unique, one of a kind, the perfect choice could be Personalized Photo Gifts. There are so many cool things you can place a photo on to create unique personalized gifts for family, friends and loved ones.

You can create more with digital images than simply placing them on coffee mugs, mouse pads and such. Many online stores and photo sharing sites have built their business around offering a wide variety of different products photos can be printed on with personalized gift customization. same ole' same ole'!!!

Personalized Christmas Stockings for Dogs - Love Them Bones embroidered dog stocking.


ere's an adorable Christmas stocking featuring doggie Bones!

Top 10 Personalized Gifts

Help Decide The Top 10 Personalized Gifts - Please vote below! Add a gift you feel should be on the Best Personalized Gifts for 2014 Top Ten list, just click "add to this list" below!!!


e are pleased to present, The 2014 top personalized gifts! Along with the help of our readers we have selected literally hundreds of unique gift ideas. The products and sponsors that we have selected are highly rated. Best of all it's all packed onto one really big, easy-shop web page!

The Top 10 Personalized Gifts 2014!!! This best of the best list serves as a guide for shoppers this year. Lot's of folks have been voting for the best Gift Ideas and adding fresh new ones too, below are the current standings.

Rock the vote, it's quick, and easy. Your vote counts. Something missing? SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME and encouraged! Add a gift you feel should be on this list, just click "add to this list" below and get it up there for everyone to vote on!!!

Create a warm welcome for Santa with this elegant, rich velvet and fur Winter Wonderland Personalized Snowflake Stocking! Santa is sure to know whose is whose, with each family member's name skillfully embroidered in rich, burgundy thread across the top.

This Christmas Gift Idea features a delightful design which is beautifully crafted of cranberry plush velvet with a white plush top; exquisite snowflake design embroidered from cuff to toe. With plenty of room to fill with treats and small gifts, very generously-sized stockings.

© 2011-2014 Flowski. All rights Reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. Commercial reproduction of this Personalized Gift Ideas Squidoo Lens in part, or in whole without written permission is prohibited by law. Images in this gift guide are from Fotolia and are copyright protected DO NOT COPY THE PICTURES.


hanks for leaving such wonderful comments, I really like hearing from you, and I appreciate your feedback. We use your input to make it better for future visitors. Especially if you have a new Gift Idea that you think should be featured on our Anniversary shopping guide, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest gift ideas.

Also, a special thanks for shopping here. I appreciate it very much, you're awesome. Please do me a HUGE favor and help get the word out about this page. Simply click on the Facebook "Like" button at the top of this page and share this resource with friends and family. Thank You very much I really appreciate it. I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!


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