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promises broken into pieces.

Updated on September 13, 2016

Yellow jelly fish, the beauty of life is evident today.

Yellow jelly fish the beauty of life is evident today.

Yellow jelly fish.
Pink frogs.
Radiant flowers.
Clear blue skies‎.

The beauty of life is evident in today.
Lessons are buried in the history of yesterday.
Learn from your mistakes.
Swallow your pride, for you shall reap what you sow.

Your mind, shelters your dreams, your deeds nourish the comfort within your reality.
All that is in your world is a manifestation of your sweat or lack there of.

What is your destiny?

The truth shreds deception.

Fear not child.

Our promises guide us.

Our sins forsake us.

Our courage protects from the ills of injustices.

Greed robs innocence of being free from hidden motives.

Envy means you have something that has to be desired material perhaps talent.

Criticism, means at least you should put a better effort.

Despair means you are drowning in regret memoirs of a fallen past, glory is a sullen cry from reality.

When someone you love belittles you, you have out grown the comfort of their presence.

Multiply the little you have, is to be grateful.

Lucifers Angel

God's Poet Nkosi

Uncle Nathi


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