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How to Deal With Rejection in Love

Updated on December 24, 2014

The Best Solution

When you are in love you depend on the other person. If this person doesn't feel the same for you and you are rejected, this deception will cause depression and beat your self-confidence.

What can you do?

You want to find ways to make the special person fall in love with you, but their rejection has a very negative impact on your behavior.

Should you try to conquer this person no matter what, besides their rejection?

Or should you simply accept their rejection without doing anything else?

Let's examine all the alternatives you have at your disposal and analyze all situations.

You will surely discover the best solution for your case.

There is Hope

Perhaps the special person didn't pay attention to your extraordinary personality and charm. You may be able to conquer their heart if they will understand who you really are.

There is hope!

Everything depends on many factors.

Is the person you love too attractive?

If he/she is too attractive, they have many admirers. You are not the only one who was rejected by them.

If this is the case everything is complicated.

Attractive people are vain and proud of themselves. They may show narcissist behavior, which indicates lack of balance.

Those who admire themselves are too selfish and absurd. They don't pay attention to their defects. They may have a beautiful face and a perfect body, but they also have a horrible personality.

You should be very careful with attractive people. They usually are very cruel. They don't pay attention to other people's feelings. They play with their admirers, and they even make fun of their feelings.

There are rare exceptions, but usually very attractive people are too selfish and superficial.

Attractive people feel a special pleasure when they see that they are desired by the opposite sex.

They like to refuse having a relationship with someone.

Those who are rejected by them suffer very much with their indifference, but they may even laugh with their admirers' pain.

If you are in love with a very attractive man or a very attractive woman while you are unattractive, you had better forget the idea to conquer their heart.

You won't be able to surpass your rivals. Even if you'll manage to have a love relationship with a very attractive person, you will always be threatened by the rivals who will be more attractive then you. Some day, one of them will surely attract your partner more than you do.

Very attractive people must have love relationships with those who look like them. Otherwise, they won't manage to be loyal to their partners, even if they will try to.

This is a natural law: handsome men you will feel attracted by beautiful women, and beautiful women will feel attracted by handsome men, even if they don't seem to care about this matter. At a certain point their animal instincts will make them fall in love with a very attractive person.

Therefore, unless you are very attractive too, you must not insist on having a love relationship with a very attractive person. You should simply accept their rejection. If you'll insist on having a love relationship with them, they will surely betray you some day, when they will meet a very attractive person of the opposite sex.

In case you are very attractive and you were rejected by a very attractive man or woman, this person might be playing with you because they want to make you insist on having a relationship with them.

On the other hand, they don't want to easily accept having a relationship with you because they want to be different. They know that every man or woman you like will easily accept having a relationship with you because you are very attractive.

Therefore, they are afraid to be just 'another one' in your list.

They want to make you suffer in order to conquer their heart, so that you may pay special attention to their love.

If this is your case, you have to be patient.

However, since you are too attractive, you must follow dream therapy and learn how to be sensitive and humble. Your mental stability is in danger.

Attractive people are absurd and insensitive.

If the person you love is attractive like you, they probably are absurd too. Unfortunately, attractive people are constantly controlled by their anti-conscience, the wild side of the human conscience.

You should follow dream therapy. The wise unconscious mind will help you transform your personality. You'll help the person you love transform their personality through dream translation like you. Then, you'll have a perfect love relationship based on wisdom.

If you were a very attractive person you wouldn't feel rejected only because the person you love didn't accept having a love relationship with you yet.

You would understand that you would probably conquer their heart in the future. Very attractive people are very self-confident.

They know that even when they are rejected, this rejection is part of the game. They are used to possess whoever they may desire, sooner or later.

In case you are not attractive but you fell in love with a very attractive person, you should definitively accept their rejection without trying to conquer the person you love. This is a lost game. As I showed you before, even if you'll have a love relationship with them, you will surely be betrayed and humiliated some day.

On the other hand, attractive people are so selfish and cruel that if you could see the content of their psyche your love for them would immediately disappear.

You can have a true vision of the psychological content of the person you love if you'll learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams gives you detailed information about the person you love and about your mental stability in your dreams.

Even without studying the meaning of dreams, you should logically understand that very attractive people are not the ideal partner for anyone. When you'll master the dream language and you'll be able to see their psychological content, you will understand who they really are. This vision will be far from romantic.

If you were rejected by someone who is very attractive and probably has already rejected many other relationships in their lives, I don't think that you should feel offended for this reason. Attractive people don't respect anyone. They are basically controlled by the wild side of their conscience (anti-conscience) most of the time.

The anti-conscience is our primitive conscience. Whenever it controls someone's behavior, this person becomes a cruel animal. This is why very attractive people are so indifferent to the human pain.

I believe that you are in fact very lucky because you didn't have a love relationship with them. They may be very attractive and charming, but their personality is quite disappointing.

I'm not saying that there are not exceptions in this vast word, but the general truth is that very attractive people are not good companions.

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Christina Sponias

If you were rejected by someone who cannot be considered really attractive, but that attracts you, your situation is totally different.

Average people are happier than very attractive people. They don't face the vanity and the pride that characterize too beautiful women or too handsome men. Their relationships are authentic.

However, if you were rejected, you have to make a research and verify the truth. The unconscious mind will help you learn everything you want to.

You only have to study the dream language for a while with my dynamic method of instant dream translation, derived from Jung's method of dream interpretation. However, if you have no time or patience for studies and translations, I can translate your dreams for you. Many people prefer this alternative.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams what is happening with the person you love. This is really impressing!

This information can be trusted because the wise unconscious mind is your saintly protector. You will always verify that you were protected by the unconscious wisdom when you follow the unconscious guidance.

The unconscious mind is better than a private detective; not only because it gives you trustful information entirely free of charge, as well as because this information is very enlightening. You really learn everything about the personality of the person you love.

You will understand why you were rejected and what you have to do.

There are numerous possibilities.

If you believe that the person you love loves you too, but they rejected your love, this could be due to reasons that you cannot suppose. Perhaps they were hurt in the past and they are very afraid of a new relationship.

There are many things that you ignore about them.

Fortunately, the wise unconscious mind gives you information about the past of the person you love, and about many other things that you could never learn otherwise. Dream translation is a magical source of information that shows you everything you ignore.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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If you were rejected but you don't believe that the person you love loves you too, you can start accepting rejection the same way you accept death, and everything that you cannot change.

Accepting someone's rejection for understanding that this person doesn't love you and there is no hope that they may change their mind, is a very wise decision.

Of course, it hurts.

Everything is very difficult in life. I'm sure that this is not the first time in your life that you face suffering and pain.

A rejection is a very bitter experience. However, this experience is part of the human life. Everyone faces a rejection, at least once in their lives. Most people face many rejections until they finally find their perfect match.

If you were rejected this is because you didn't find your perfect match yet. The person you love today is not the right person for you.

I know that you are sad and you believe that the person you love now is perfect for you. However, tomorrow you will understand that your real soul mate is someone else. You have to meet this person in order to understand the difference.

There is a big difference between loving someone to a certain degree from having a love relationship with your perfect match. When you find your perfect match your love has no limits.

You have to be patient. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams will help you discover your perfect match through dream messages.

This alternative is true salvation.

Therefore, stop crying because he or she doesn't love you, and look for the person you deserve by writing down your dreams. Translate their meaning according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, and follow the unconscious guidance.

You will learn how to discover the right person for you and have a wonderful love relationship.

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Happy Couple
Happy Couple
Love and Happiness for Life
Love and Happiness for Life

Finding Your Perfect Match

I know that no matter how many explanations I may give you about how really bad a love relationship with the person you love today would be, your heart is not paying attention to my words. You want this person, and you are still dying because they have rejected your love.

You will manage to forget them with time. Remember that they are not the ideal person for you. If they were the right person for you they would recognize you, as if they had already met you before. Everything would be totally different.

Since you were rejected, this probably means that you didn't meet your perfect match yet, unless your case is complicated.

Follow the unconscious guidance, so that you may transform your personality.

You have to be prepared to meet the right person. Through dream therapy you will eliminate the negative characteristics of your personality, and develop the positive ones. You will become more intelligent and self-confident.

Therefore, when you'll finally meet your perfect match, you will be mature, generous, and calm. This means that you will be ready to have the perfect love relationship you desire.

Then, you'll surely understand how lucky are because you had the chance to find your true soul mate. Fortunately, you were rejected and you didn't have a bad relationship with the wrong person.

Interpreting dreams
Interpreting dreams

Your Positive Destiny

You cannot evaluate this advantage now that you are feeling rejected. I know that you cannot believe that you will ever find the right person for you.

However, you will soon verify that what I'm not giving you a false hope. There is a perfect match for each individual in our world because our reality is prepared to happen before happening. There is a plan organizing our lives on Earth.

We live in order to transform our wild nature into human nature. This is why there is a destiny previously traced for everyone.

Our destiny is traced beforehand in order to help us eliminate the negative characteristics of our personality.

This means that the unconscious mind will help you find the right person for you in order to help you preserve your mental stability.

If you'll follow the unconscious guidance, you will follow the positive destiny prepared for you in order to help you evolve.

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