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Just A Little Background

Updated on October 2, 2009

Just A Little Background.


©-MFB III -Artwhimsically Yours Studio


She gazed stricken
at her lover's back,
her soul cut to the core
by the gist of his shoulder blades,
his hands thrown high in frustration,
as he vanished through the
door frame of her heart.

Her eyes misted like stained glass,
in a winter blast,
the cathedral of her cranium
slowly emptying of all the adoration
she once worshipped him with.

She wanted him back, and front,
but only emptiness graced her darkness,
her first love became her worst love,
as she curled into a fetal position
wishing only to be born again.

She emerged from the womb of her grief,
days later as a much wiser woman,
and when she later saw him approaching,
on a sunny boulevard they once frequented,
her once lovely eyes melted his tentative smile,
Her scorn flashed in a glancing blow
and then suddenly she gave him her own back.

It was the last he ever saw of her,
as she returned his cruelty
with a strong, proud distancing
of what he had left behind.


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