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Starfish Wedding - Starfish Wedding Invitations, Cake Toppers, Decorations and Favors

Updated on April 25, 2012

Starfish Wedding Style

If you're looking for gorgeous starfish wedding items, here's a great selection to choose from. There's stylish starfish wedding invitations, stunning starfish cake toppers, beautiful table decorations and wonderful favors to wow your guests with.

This is a lovely theme, a really stylish, natural look and feel that adds that special something. Starfish wedding supplies come in many different forms, so you can add as much starfish wedding detailing as you want. There's some really lovely pieces available, this is a stand out look that has a magical quality to it.

See below for the starfish wedding pieces to choose from, they're elegant, classy, contemporary and romantic.

Starfish Wedding Invitations

Whether you have an affinity to the ocean or are choosing a starfish wedding theme for the symbolism of deep divine love, it's a beautiful style to choose.

Starting right out from the wedding invitations you can run with a starfish wedding theme.

These are contemporary, stylish invites that will officially announce your big day to your guests. The invitations are a big part of your wedding planning, so it's far better to go for a theme that is personal to you, rather than some generic wedding design that you see so often.

Starfish wedding invitations have the symbolism of a deep divine love. It's a romantic, magical theme that you can carry throughout your wedding or just leave it at the invitations stage. Your wedding, your choice!

Starfish Wedding Cake Topper

If you are going further with the starfish wedding theme, a starfish wedding cake topper is a gorgeous detail to add.

Full of romantic symbolism, a starfish wedding cake topper is perfect for the finishing touch to your wedding cake.

Whether you're going for an elaborate cake design or a more simple choice, a starfish cake topper will work regardless. It will make a lovely keepsake and special reminder of a truly romantic and loving day.

The starfish wedding style is a really easy to incorporate theme that adds a personalized touch of romance that can sometimes be lacking.

Starfish Wedding Decorations

If you're going all out with the starfish wedding, these are some gorgeous starfish decorations that will have your tables looking beautifully styled.

Simple but very elegant, these starfish table decorations will give a really contemporary look to be remembered.

Full of loving symbolism, starfish wedding decorations will add a stylish romantic element within the decor of your venue.

If you love simplistic elegance, this is a gorgeous way to dress a wedding table.

Starfish Wedding Favors

Here's a stunning selection of starfish wedding favors, gifts that your guests will love and cherish.

These are wedding favors with style, really special wedding favors that will be reminders of your wedding day for years to come.

Please note that some of these starfish wedding favors come in bulk buys. The bottle stoppers, coasters, seed place cards, bottle openers, bookmarks, candles and cookie cutters are these items.

At first glance, these favors may look expensive, but when broken down to the price per unit, they aren't. There's more pricing information when you go through to the product pages.

For extra special guests such as the parents of the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, you may want to splash out on a starfish wedding favor that's a little more expensive. The salt and pepper shakers and champagne flutes set are lovely gifts for the home that are sure to be adored.


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