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Sweet Love Quotes to Your Boyfriend.

Updated on May 14, 2014

Quotes aren't just for Valentine's Day. If you want to spice up your relationship with your boyfriend, you might want to think about writing him a note to leave on the table in the morning or under his pillow at night. A loving, humorous, or romantic note can help break any tension between you, or can help you to convey feelings that have been difficult to put into words. You can write your note on something as simple as a stick on, or something as fancy as a homemade card. Either way, your note is sure to brighten up his day.

Below are ideas that can help you get started finding a love quote to your boyfriend.

>>>> 1. We are born with two arms, two legs, two eyes, and two ears, but only one heart. This is because we must find our other heart and hold on to it for life.

>>>> 2. I once told myself I would never fall in love again, but the more I spend time with you, the more I realize I was wrong.

>>>> 3. Sometimes at work people ask me why I'm smiling. The reason is you.

>>>> 4. Here's a secret you probably don't know: I slept with my teddy bear until you came into my life. You are my new teddy bear and I love you forever.

>>>> 5. When I first saw you, I was scared to approach you. When I finally got the courage to meet you, I was scared to touch you. When we finally kissed, I hesitated to love you. Now that I love you, I am absolutely terrified to lose you.

Sometimes a good love quote to your boyfriend can help get things right. Below are more great ideas.

>>>> 6. We were made for each other the way a hand fits a glove. When we hold hands or hug, it's like two pieces of a puzzle that has finally been completed.

>>>> 7. I've been in relationships before, but never one where the anger ever disagreement and fight makes me love my boyfriend more. Everything that happens between us, no matter how insignificant, makes me love and appreciate you more.

>>>> 8. I had never experienced smiling for no reason until the second I first laid eyes on you.

>>>> 9. Life made no sense until the day I met you.

If you are looking for the right love quote to your boyfriend, these can help you come up with subjects for your own. Read on for more.

>>>> 10. Some say life is a bumpy road. You are the shock absorbers that make it smooth.

>>>> 11. In the past I always had to be doing something to be happy. Now I am content doing nothing with you.

>>>> 12. I used to dream about you. Now I only have to open my eyes on the morning to realize it's no longer just a dream.

>>>> 13. There are those who say you can only really fall in love once. Now that I have met you I know this isn't true. Each and every time I see you I fall in love again.

A love quote to your boyfriend is sweeter and less expensive than going to the store and buying a card. More quotes below.

>>>> 14. Most people have a best friend and a boyfriend. I have both in you.

>>>> 15. No matter how much stress I have in my life, or how many things I have to worry about, you are always the first thing on my mind.

>>>> 16. When most people find their boyfriend they talk about how lucky they are to have found him. With you I know it isn't luck but the way it was always meant to be.

>>>> 17. I was never complete before I met you, and I never knew it. We are the halves that make the whole.

>>>> 18. You make me smile when I'm sad. You make me happy when I'm mad. You make me good when I'm bad. I love you!

Whatever the occasion, regardless of whether or not you, a sweet love quote to your boyfriend can help lighten the mood and keep things positive. Let him know you love him by giving him something to smile about.

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