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the folly of the same sex marriage

Updated on January 25, 2014


Man especially, the modern man has been referred to as a rational animal, meaning that man stands as a animal that is with extra-ordinary sense or intelligence. Now, the scientist did not ordinary come into this conclusion, the sense or intelligence they refer to here is the coefficient of man’s ability to understand morality and thus man’s reasoning power of judgement to classify good and evil. His ability to manipulate things both good and bad but being able to rightly put them in their place.

If we closely examine other animals especially the mammals, we could be too quick to make conclusions and from it deduce that they are rational animals. Well, let us meticulously examine it and gradually draw out our conclusion. To begin with, lets say some of these animals are a bit rational though not to the extent of earning for themselves the title of higher animal. Time would fail us to consider other aspect of life and base on the orientation of this argument, we will solely consider the reproductive behaviour of man in relationship to these animals.

Reproduction in science

Reproduction refers to the corpulation of the male and female animal in order to produce offspring after its own kind. The word corpulation from the definition simply means the coming together of both the male and the female organ, this may either be for the purpose of pleasure or parturition. Corpulation at this juncture may be the right word for us to use because it encompasses both having sex for pleasure and child bearing. It is obvious that animals especially mammals have the understanding of the fact that this union of gamete must solely be between the same animals of different sex. It is a natural behaviour. Man has been designed by God and shaped by nature to naturally respond to themselves in that manner.

The rationality of animals

It is clear when we study animals mating. It is always with animal of the same kind and opposite sex animals. When you see a he-goat wanting to mate, it is always with the she-goat. In any condition that you find both sexes together, i.e (he-goat and he-goat; she-goat and she-goat) you can be sure they are fighting.

You will never find the same sex animals trying to mate with each other except there is a problem (perhaps the animal is sick in the body and out of his mind). Also, you can never see a male pig wanting to corpulate with a she-goat. In the same vein, you cannot see a male duck wanting to corpulate with a turkey, it is not possible. With this we may jump into conclusion that these animals are in there right senses and thus rational. But before you make such conclusion, we may need to look at the other side.

The irrationality of humans

The only thing animals cannot differentiate is having sex for pleasure and having sex for reproduction. They are two different things but the same sex. It involves the same fusion of opposite gamete but for different purpose. Now, animals know little or nothing about parturition but only corpulate for the sake of it, Just to have fun with themselves. They lack the art of true judgement. In actual fact, we are not to consider this as a serious issue, because sex is for the two reasons.

In constrast, human beings who have been referred to as higher animals have now fallen below the rational standard of animals by having sex with same sex animals and even other animals and go to the extent of seeking for public recognizition. This is nothing but an aberration of nature.

Morality defined by societal norm

As we know that morality is our sense of right and wrong and societal norms refers to the standard of conduct of a society. Now, we cannot deny the fact that the standard of conduct of a society constantly changes with civilization and the advent of technology. But this is not reason enough to make a man decide to start feeding on faeces and dung. What do you call that? Mental disorder!

What we needed to realize is that the world may grow old as it wants to and nature may change the look of the earth as it wishes but the universal law of gravity still holds. It has nothing to do with the changes that happens. It was a default instruction provided by the manufacturer or creator of the earth (God). In the same vein, God who is the creator of man has left man with the default instructions of opposite sex corpulating. Any deviance from this could actually be the result of a psychiatric condition caused by civilization and the advent of technology or a re-creation that emanates from the pit of hell. We may need to sensitize psychologist to research along this line.

The logical conclusion

The conclusion is simple, without being bias or speaking tongue in cheek

  1. There is a new epidemic of psychiatric illness which must be researched into. The causes may be changes that civilization, education and new technology cause to the mind of a human being.
  2. There is a project that the devil and his cohorts have embarked on. It is called re-creation. Men who submit themselves to him may be re-created and thus change the true or proper order of function. We may want to ask what makes the devil have access to us, the bible in the book of IJohn3:8 says ”whosoever commits sin is of the devil”

It is clear from the book of books that sin in the life of a man, gives the devil legal ground to manipulate and alter the true order of creation.

An aberration of nature

If by chance, you find a male animal wanting to corpulate with another male animal of the same specie (because this can never happen with different species). It may be that one of them is not seeing very well and the moment one of them or both notices, that scenario will definitely turn into a fight.

What an irony of life, if animals that we refer to as lower can recognize the authenticity of one of the greatest law of nature, how much more human beings. It sounds awkward as we seek it all over our newspapers the issue of homosexuality travelling around in major countries of the world. The US who has legally approved it and now propagating its approval in other nations of the greatest things, when in the real sense, a psychiatric would diagnose them with delusion of grandeur.

Normally, any individual having a psychiatric disease will exhibit psychiatric symptoms and these psychiatric symptoms are always the opposite of normal things. It is always the aberration if nature. Before we make such conclusion, you may yell “morality is defined by societal norm”

The first and second conclusion goes together

Most times, when we closely study the pathophysiology of psychiatric illness. We could see that it in one way or the other has a spiritual connection. When the true order of God’s creature is altered or reversed. The character exhibited by such individual may in one way or the other look human but the psychiatric symptoms will be very obvious.

The ultimate solution

The holy bible says in IJohn3:8b “for this purpose the son of God (Christ Jesus) was made manifest that he might destroy the works of the devil” anyone that propagates or defends the issue of homosexuality or beastiality is nothing but a messenger of Satan from the pit of hell. If you are reading this manuscript my beloved and you find yourself in this mess, i advice you to repent, believe in Christ Jesus now and let him work on you. He has come because he knows the devil’s plan to destroy man-kind and is saddled with the responsibility of destroying the devil’s work. John1:12 says “as many as believe him, to them gave he the power to become the sons of God” confess your sins (homosexual relationships, beastiality or any kind of sin) to Christ Jesus and he will destroy the works of the devil in your life and he can do it right now! If you respond to him now!

If you think you have questions that we must get answers to or for counselling and more info, contact the apostolic desk of the Cyrus library on +2347033301600, or like the facebook page end-time warriors (God’s messenger of the imminent revival of restoration)


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